Wednesday, 18 July 2012

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink: Mousey Mani!

So, its Wednesday again - which means its time for a Pink Wednesday mani!

And what arrived this morning, just in time?! My lovely BuyaPowa bargain - OPI Minnie Minis! - which ended up at a bargain £7.50! :) 
I was really impressed by how quickly they arrived too!

The colours included are:

The Colour Of Minnie - a lovely shimmery red
If You Moust You Moust - a candy pink
I'm All Ears - a glittery hot pink
Rapidry Top Coat

So for my pink mani today, I decided to keep it simple (largely because I'm still poorly and couldn't really be bothered!) - I used "If You Moust You Moust" on my thumb, index and middle finger. I then used "I'm All Ears" on my ring and baby fingers. I finished off with the Rapidry to coat.

I think the colours worked pretty well together, and I love both of them as individual colours too! 
This was my first time using OPI polishes and I loved them! And the topcoat was amazing - it really lived up to its name, it dried so quickly! 

Have you ever tried OPI? What are your favourite shades?



  1. Glad you got the set for £7.50 in the end, what a bargain :)

    'If you Moust you Moust' is my fave! I think I'm actually going to buy the full size of that one, its such a gorgeous shade.

    I decided to buy the full size bottle of the 'Nothin mousie bout it' as it wasn't included in this set off Buyapowa, just waiting for it to come in the post now! :)

    Laura xx

    1. It is lovely isn't it?!

      Oooh that one looks fab too! I'm well into OPI now, I've just ordered some of the Kardashian range :)


  2. As you know I really love OPI but this was my first mini set. If you love these, you'll adore the full sized polishes as the brush is so much nicer to work with.

    I found with if you moust you moust that the fomula was a little runny & took 3 coats to go opaque. Did you have the same problems with it hun?

    I sat down to re-write your email earlier & I kept losing internet again! I'm so sorry hun, I haven't forgotten I promise lol x :-)

    1. Really? oh cool! I've just ordered some Kardashian ones! :)

      I didn't have that problem, I did two coats but 1 was almost passable on its own! Maybe I got a lucky bottle lol.
      I did find that I needed 3 coats of "I'm All Ears" though but I guess thats normal for a glittery polish.

      Aww nightmare! lol! I couldnt beleive the other one was blank, how annoying is it when you write a whole email and it disappears into cyber space?!
      No worries hun, take your time :)


  3. Pretty! I love this set, but my top coat didnt dry very fast, at least not like poshe or seche vite. Still i love opi!

    1. Really? I was amazed at how quick mine was! (After being disappointed with Sally Hansen's) but then I haven't tried Poshe or Seche Vite, maybe they're even more amazing! :)


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