Wednesday, 4 July 2012

TK Maxx Haul & NOTD :)

Hello My Lovelies!

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I apologize for the lack of posts recently, I have been really poorly for the last week or so :(
Just haven't been up to posting anything!! I'm still not feeling great but I'm really missing my blog so I've made the effort to get some posts written and scheduled for the next few days! :)

I ventured on Monday to TK Maxx in an effort to cheer myself up, and it certainly worked! I found some FAB products in the beauty section that I just had to have!

Check out these little beauties!:

First up, I have been trying to stop biting my nails and when I spotted the Time Release Growth Formula Continuous Treatment from Sally Hansen for a bargain £2.99 I thought it looked great! 
It promises to help restore my nails to their full strength, and says that just one application lasts for 10 days and can be used under nail polish - perfect! I've already started using it, so we'll see how it goes! :)

I've been reading some great reviews of the Insta-Dry range from Sally Hansen over at the lovely Charlie D's beauty blog and so when I spotted this set of 3 for just £4.99 I could not resist! :)

The set includes: Presto Pink, Rapid Red & Blue Streak

 And my final purchase was, I must admit, a bit cheeky on my part - I noticed a set of 3 Essie nail polishes which were on clearance for £7.00 - the set included a lovely deep red shade which doesn't actually have a name?!, a lovely deep pink named Clambake, and it also included a very dodgy looking blue shade which was all split and oily - I wanted the pink & red but I didn't fancy taking my chances on the dodgy blue shade!
The box was very bashed and was half open, and among the pile of clearance products was a set of Nails Inc polishes which was also all bashed I admit, I spied a similar blue shade called Eden Grove in the Nails Inc set which wasn't damaged and I swapped it for the damaged Essie one! :/
 *Blush* I know, I know...a bit naughty of me! *Slaps Wrists* 

I used the Nails Inc "Eden Grove" polish today, and it's the first Nails Inc I've ever used (I'm a bit of a Nail virgin and have only recently got into nail polishes!) - I must say, I expected a bit more from it given how pricey they usually are - the colour is very nice, it was very opaque and had a lovely sheen to it, but I did find the brush a bit fiddly to use and it took a LONG time to dry!

Do you use TK Maxx for bargain beauty products? What are your thoughts on Nails Inc products?



  1. cute shades! Makes we wanna color my nails. :)

    Armed With Style

  2. too funny that you swapped out the nail polishes!

    several years ago, at tj maxx (same thing as tk?!), my mother saw a gorgeous winter coat that was missing half its buttons. she was standing there debating whether she should buy it (it was on super clearance), when an older woman began chatting with her. my mum told her she was debating the coat, and the older woman saw another of the same coat, but in the wrong size, so before my mum knew it, the woman began pulling buttons off the other coat, and slipped them into the pocket of my mum's coat! then, when she brought it to the register to pay for it, the clerk noticed the missing buttons and reduced the price even further! love it!

    hope you're feeling better!

    1. Lol! I can't help myself, I'm cheeky :P

      Lol!!! Thats brilliant, I love how inventive people are and what they do to get money off! I'd do the same I'm sure!


  3. Glad, you didn't get busted! :)!

  4. That's such a good idea! I hate it how they let the beauty products get so smashed up, though it's not all their fault - the other day I was in there and they had a new CID palette on clearance for £6 I opened it up as it wasn't in a case and there was no eye shadows left in it! They've had loads of Nails Inc sets in there recently though so I'm happy :-) It's my fave nail brand, that colour is gorgeous!

    1. I know, its so annoying isn't it!
      I got a Nails Inc for FREE in Boots the other day! I`m gonna post about it in a minute :)

  5. Lovely haul! <3
    I can't believe that essie was £7 and at Boots they are £7.99 each, what a bargain!! I really need to head down to my TKMaxx ;)

    1. You definately should, Its well worth a look - check the Clearance section too! :)

  6. Love this haul, you got some great polishes. The Essie look great, I saw these when I was in there last but trying to be good :(


  7. Oh sorry you've been poorly hun, sending lots of get well wishes your way for super duper speedy recovery!

    You got some absolutely amazing finds! That blue streak insta dri looks beautiful. Ooh I can feel a mission to try and find it coming on lol.

    I love that you swapped that nails inc polish lol, I wish I was brave enough to do that, id be too scared. You've given me some inspiration to go to TK Maxx now!

    Thanks so much for another shout out. Take care hun x :-)

    1. Thanks hun :)

      hehe! They had a lot of Sally Hansens, I wish I'd got more!

      Lol I'm a bit cheeky like that, I knew the woman at the till wouldnt take any notice!


    2. Oh you should have they really are great polishes.

      Yeah I suppose the woman on the till doesn't own the shop, she only works there.

      Its a shame you won't be doing anymore hauls for a while because your TK Maxx sounds great. X :-)


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