Friday, 27 July 2012

10 Day Challenge: 8 Fears

Today's Challenge requires me to tell you about my....

8 Fears

1) Death - I know I mentiond this on my 10 secrets posts, but I find the whole thought of death to be absolutely terrifying :/ Just the idea of not being here....its horrible.

2)Spiders - no matter how hard I try, I cannot get over my fear of spiders! I can deal with little ones, but medium to large sizes ones - no way! I freeze and cry when I see one, they just send shivers through me. I can't stand the way they move

3)Speaking of the way things move, I also can't stand the way mice move...they are just too fast and too wriggly - I hate them! We had a mouse at my parents house for a few months and it was me who first made my life miserable until my Dad finally caught it! I hate them :/

4) Windows - I hate windows in the dark. I always have to have the blinds or curtains drawn when its dark, probably because I've seen too many horror movies and I'm always scared that I'll look out of the window and a face will suddenly appear! *shudder*

5) Bats, Birds & other flying creatures - I was reminded of this coz last night I had a dream that somebody threw a bird at me?! I hate the idea of things flying around my head or face. My mum always used to tell me that bats could get tangled in your hair and the idea of it just scared the life out of me! I can't stand to be around them, or low flying birds - I could NEVER go through the butterfly houses at the zoo etc, its just such a horrible thought to me.

6) Clowns - I never used to understand fears of clowns, until I went to a particular haunted house attraction in blackpool. It had live actors there and one of the rooms was a clowns dressing room - there were two creepy looking clowns in there and creepy circus music playing. The clowns moved really slowly, and one of them came right up to me and stared at me for ages inches from my face (I tried to just look at the floor and I think this egged him on!), he then decided to run his finger along my face really slowly....OMG, the most chilling experience of my life! I am now scared for life of bloody clowns lol.

7) Heights - again, I never used to be afraid of heights but on holiday in Venezuela I went on a horse riding day arranged by the hotel. It was fun but the guys leading us didn't speak any English and I couldn't tell them that my horse had something wrong with its hoof and kept stumbling - it wasn't too bad until they led us LITERALLY along a really narrow cliff edge with a sheer 80 ft drop at the side - I was so sure I was going to die, with my poor horse tripping its way along! 
Ever since then, I've experienced really bad vertigo.

8) Open water - I think this is probably just from watching Jaws as a kid, but I hate the idea of swimming in the ocean. I love being on boats, and I like the pool - but I could never just swim in open water. You will not get me in the sea past my ankles....for anything.

What are some fears that you have? Do we have any shared fears?
I'd love to hear about it! :)



  1. It makes me laugh how similar we are hun! As you know I hate clowns ALLOT! I would have seriously died know the spot if id have gone to that place in Blackpool.

    Spiders really are the work of the devil lol, too many legs and the way theye shifty about is just wrong. I've had too many spider incidents to count, but once I threw my dinner across the room when one climbed ill my leg.

    I also can't stand having the curtains open open when its dark. My ex used to laugh about it and say 'if someone is out there, wouldn't you want to see?' Hmmmm, no! Makes me shiver just thinking about it lol x :-)

    1. Ha! It was the single most terrifying moment of my life! Ugh it still makes me shudder to think of!

      Aaaargh! I cannot stand the idea of spiders ON me! *touch wood* I've only had one on me was one of those horrible grass spiders, really thin but MASSIVE - on my leg. I have never screamed so loudly.
      They are just what evil must look like.

      Lol! Err...exactly, WHY would you want to see who's out there?! They can crack right on out there, as long as I dont have to see them lol!


    2. You are so lucky, I've had spiders actually on me loads of times and at no point was I happy about it! Spiders = EVIL!!! x :-)

  2. I hope you dont mind but after reading this you have inspired me to share a bit of myself with my readers, I would like to do my own 10 day you challenge! I will mention you in the post which should be up in about 30 minutes :)

    1. Aww of course I don't mind, I look forward to reading your post :)


  3. Im terrified of birds and well any thing with wings and every one things Im strange for it..glad Im not the only one:)

    Sara xx

  4. I've never seen a bat in real life before but Nathan was cooking tea while I was at work Tuesday night and one was flying round the kitchen! He smacked it with a frying pan and stunned it then threw it out the window. Stace and I had been in the house alone until 3pm and hadn't seen it - probably a good job as we wouldn't have dared go in the kitchen lol xx


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