Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tuesdays Treats

Hello Lovelies!

Its been a few days since I last blogged, because A)I've been struck down with yet another infection and B)...I got a new desktop PC and have been getting re-hooked on The Sims! Haha! I can't help myself...I get so addicted to that game and its been sooooo long since I was able to play it! :)

But I'm back and I intend to get lots of posts written and scheduled for the next week....I'm planning on including some more article-type posts on my blog as I enjoy writing them, but of course there will still be lots of make up and fashion type posts too! :)

But first things first, its Tuesday - which means its time to link up to Tuesdays Treat over at Frances blog Spot Of Tea!

This week, I am lusting after this:

Amplify Jumbo Waver by Enrapture - RRP £74.99, currently on sale for £49.99 at Amazon!

I read about these while reading a magazine interview with Made In Chelsea's Cheska Hull who swears by them for achieving her wavy look - I don't watch the show and I have never seen this girl before other than in the magazine, but her hair looked lovely!

I LOVE wavy hair, and I get so bored of my naturally poker straight hair - I would LOVE these and have started dropping hints as its only several weeks until my birthday! Fingers crossed for me guys! haha!

Oh and while I'm here, I wanted to let you know about a fab giveaway that the lovely Laura is having on her blog - you should definitely check it out! :)
Laura's All Made Up Beauty Blog

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