Friday, 27 July 2012

What I've Been Buying!

Hi All!

As I've mentioned on my blog lately, I have been really poorly for a few weeks now with various different infections and I was really starting to feel sorry for myself...

But on a positive note, my childrens party business received a lot of bookings for the coming month which means extra income for when I saw that BrandAlley were featuring Juicy Couture products I just HAD to treat myself!

For anybody who is unfamiliar with BrandAlley - they are a website that offer flash sales of designer goods. It can be anything from underwear, to clothes, to beauty products to homewear and everything in between!
The sales generally last a few days or until the products sell out, and they are very highly discounted (Usually at LEAST 60% off) - you have to be a member to use the site but its free to join. 

What I love most about BrandAlley is that they often feature Juicy Couture sales - and Juicy Couture is 100% my all time FAVOURITE and MOST LUSTED after brand! 

I have always loved Juicy products, especially the bags!! :)

For YEARS I wanted one sooooo badly but could never afford it, and last year I FINALLY got one - from Brand Alley! - with my birthday money. Then on holiday earlier this year I found a department store in Portugal with a Juicy Couture counter and bought myself a purse to go with it!

I use my Juicy bag everyday and I LOVE it so much, but its quite large so when I saw this smaller one was on sale for just £50 I HAD to have it! 
And to make things even better, I had a discount code for £10 off and Free delivery! So instead of costing me £55.00 for the bag and postage, it only cost me £40! YAY!!

The only downside is that delivery with BrandAlley can take a LONG time, but I was pleasantly surprised as this time it only took about 2 weeks to arrive! :)

So here it is....

I LOVE the Juicy wrapping it comes in :)

I absolutely LOVE it! My favourite feature is the bow keyring which, although it looks like fabric, is actually made of metal! :)

I have also purchased a couple of other things this week that I wanted to share with you guys.....

I bought this bag from New Look for £17.00 - I thought it looked much more expensive,almost like a designer bag!, and I wanted a more casual bag for everyday use so that I don't wear out my Juicy ones by using them too much! Plus...I LOVE pink bags!

I also bought these rather funky sunglasses!

I don't usually wear things in this kind of style but I thought they were soooo cute with their funky pink pattern and cute bow detail!
They are by Iron Fist and cost £24.99

I thought the sunglasses were so cute that I might do a giveaway featuring a pair of them soon!
Would anybody be interested in winning a pair??

Well that's about all from me for now! :)

What have you been buying lately? What is your all time favourite brand?
Let me know! :)

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