Friday, 27 July 2012

What I've Been Buying!

Hi All!

As I've mentioned on my blog lately, I have been really poorly for a few weeks now with various different infections and I was really starting to feel sorry for myself...

But on a positive note, my childrens party business received a lot of bookings for the coming month which means extra income for when I saw that BrandAlley were featuring Juicy Couture products I just HAD to treat myself!

For anybody who is unfamiliar with BrandAlley - they are a website that offer flash sales of designer goods. It can be anything from underwear, to clothes, to beauty products to homewear and everything in between!
The sales generally last a few days or until the products sell out, and they are very highly discounted (Usually at LEAST 60% off) - you have to be a member to use the site but its free to join. 

What I love most about BrandAlley is that they often feature Juicy Couture sales - and Juicy Couture is 100% my all time FAVOURITE and MOST LUSTED after brand! 

I have always loved Juicy products, especially the bags!! :)

For YEARS I wanted one sooooo badly but could never afford it, and last year I FINALLY got one - from Brand Alley! - with my birthday money. Then on holiday earlier this year I found a department store in Portugal with a Juicy Couture counter and bought myself a purse to go with it!

I use my Juicy bag everyday and I LOVE it so much, but its quite large so when I saw this smaller one was on sale for just £50 I HAD to have it! 
And to make things even better, I had a discount code for £10 off and Free delivery! So instead of costing me £55.00 for the bag and postage, it only cost me £40! YAY!!

The only downside is that delivery with BrandAlley can take a LONG time, but I was pleasantly surprised as this time it only took about 2 weeks to arrive! :)

So here it is....

I LOVE the Juicy wrapping it comes in :)

I absolutely LOVE it! My favourite feature is the bow keyring which, although it looks like fabric, is actually made of metal! :)

I have also purchased a couple of other things this week that I wanted to share with you guys.....

I bought this bag from New Look for £17.00 - I thought it looked much more expensive,almost like a designer bag!, and I wanted a more casual bag for everyday use so that I don't wear out my Juicy ones by using them too much! Plus...I LOVE pink bags!

I also bought these rather funky sunglasses!

I don't usually wear things in this kind of style but I thought they were soooo cute with their funky pink pattern and cute bow detail!
They are by Iron Fist and cost £24.99

I thought the sunglasses were so cute that I might do a giveaway featuring a pair of them soon!
Would anybody be interested in winning a pair??

Well that's about all from me for now! :)

What have you been buying lately? What is your all time favourite brand?
Let me know! :)



  1. I love everything in this post hun & what a bargain with the discount code too!

    I love to switch up my bags quite a bit so I've only really got 2 expensive ones, but my fave bag is a black Gucci one with wooden handles. I keep her in the dust bag when she's away sleeping lol x :-)

    1. It really was! :) I couldn't believe how cheap I got it!

      Oooh Gucci! <3 lol, I'm the good ones all stay in bags or wrapping and tucked away!


    2. I was really lucky to get the Gucci actually lol. One of my Aunties works for a millionaire up in London & she mentioned how much I adore bags so she gave her it for me as she'd never used it! That was when I was 15 & she is still in brilliant condition. x :-)

    3. Wow that IS really lucky!! :o A free Gucci!!! That is amazing! You have to bring it to the blogger meet up lol!


  2. Great deal for your Juicy bag! I love Juicy Couture! I am definitely going to check out BrandAlley. :)

  3. Bummer! It's not for the US :(

    1. Aww :/
      You do get Juicy a lot cheaper in the US anyway though, it always makes me sad when I look at the Juicy website coz they often have sales on that are REALLY cheap! They increase the prices so much when they sell here, and we can't buy directly from them or they just add on heaps of import tax :/

  4. Nice bags, and the shades too. I love handbags also. Just got a bright yellow shoulder bag from Matalan for £4! It matches the yellow shoes my Mum-in-law gave me. Trust me, it sounds yuck but they look nice together :)

    1. Ooh sounds nice! I have a bright yellow shoulder bag to go with a bright yellow dress I have, yellow looks cool in the summer :)


  5. Great buys, I love those shades! I thought that was a bow on the side - makes them really cute :)


  6. I love love love love the quilted bag!! I have an obsession with quilted things, maybe because I'm yearning for a Chanel bag! xxx


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