Sunday, 8 July 2012

Yet another beauty haul...

Well, I have recently seen my DREAM holiday advertised and I am currently trying to save up my deposit to book it - so this may be the last haul post you see from me for a while if I am able to control my spending!, so here it is!:

First stop was Boots - I was there to pick up a prescription (I'm STILL ill...I have a chronic sinus infection and gastroenteritis...bleugh) - so as I was feeling pretty miserable and sorry for myself, I decided I deserved a treat and headed for the Barry M section!

I knew they were offering a free Retro nail paint when you spend over £6.00 on Barry M so I picked up this Cyan Blue Nail Paint and decided to try their Magnetic polish in this lovely glittery Burgundy colour. 
 I chose my free retro Nail Paint in Purple - its a lovely deep shade of Purple with lots of sparkle and not like any other shade I have, so I'm looking forward to trying it :)

Then on my way to the checkout, I had a little rummage through the clearance stand and found this lovely nude Nails Inc polish called "Havana" - it was so pretty, but there was no price on it. So I took it with me to the checkout and decided I'd ask how much it was, if it was reduced I'd buy it and if not I'd put it back.....

So the guy at the till scanned it and said.....

"Its coming up at £0.00....its free I guess!"


I was thrilled with my ultimate bargain!

Then I headed to TK Maxx to see if they had anything new in, and I found these little beauties:

  • An ELF mineral eyeshadow set - it was £4.99 and included an olive green, a bronzey brown and a lovely eyeshadow brush!
  • An ELF Hypershine lip gloss set containing 3 lovely glosses in Cherry Tart, Berry Cherry and Cherry Pie for £2.99!
  • A lovely Benefit Silky Finish lipstick in "Ruby Vibes" for £6.99

I also grabbed myself two magazines with Freebies :)
The Avon Super Extend Mascara and the Balance Me face wash :)

Shopping really does make me feel better :)



  1. Lovely haul hun. I can't believe you got that nails inc polish for free, how fab! You are so lucky with finding things, you should come shopping with me lol.

    I went to my TK Maxx yesterday on the hunt for some nail polishes & they only had Sally Hansen topcoats that id got cheaper already online or dark brown Essie which is nite really my taste, boooo. Your one must be allot better than mine, although I know its luck with them really lol x :-)

    1. I know, I was soooo thrilled lol! Could not believe it! It looks lovely in the bottle but I haven't swatched it yet :)

      Aww thats a shame, its funny coz I always think our TK Maxx is rubbish but they do seem ok for beauty stuff! (Its a really small TK Maxx, whereas I'm used to the one in Liverpool city centre that does Pucci dresses etc!)


    2. I have two within reasonable distance (30 & 40 mins away) but neither of them had anything I wanted. Its just pot luck & I'm not very lucky lol x :-)

  2. Am I stupid but where can you purchase ELF cosmetics? I never see any anywhere!! HELP!!! xxx

    1. No hun, you're not stupid - this was the first time I'd seen ELF products anywhere and that was TK Maxx :)

      I think they sell mainly from their own website,


    2. thanks hun, you've made a beauty blogger very happy :D xxx


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