Wednesday, 1 August 2012

UK Blogger meet up!

Hello Hello!

So, following on from my last post about the Beauty Blogger meet up that myself and Louise from Confessions Of A Secret Shopper are organising, its time to nail down the specifics! :)

So, if you are interested in joining us for the meet up, please respond to this post with your answers to the below questions, we will then look at everybody answers and decide what would be best for the majority! :)

The Questions:

*Where do you live?
*Would you prefer the meet up to take place in: The North, The South or The Midlands?
*How would you be travelling to the meet up? (Train, driving, etc)?
*Do you have any suggestions for places that the meet up could take place?
*Is there anywhere that you won't travel to within the UK?/How far are you willing to travel?
*How long would you need to save up?
*Are there any dates that you know you CAN'T make?

Once we've got these answers in, we'll try to get something decided ASAP! :)

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