Sunday, 6 January 2013

A slight detour....

My, my - it's certainly been an awful long time since I've blogged!!!

I have very much missed the blogging world, but I will admit - since pregnancy happened I have barely put my make up on or straightened my hair and so I would have had NOTHING beauty-related to talk about!

I swear - there is nothing like pregnancy to kick the girliness right out of ya! :D

Since turning the corner into the Third Trimester I have started to feel slightly more like myself  (and I DO mean slightly!) and so I will hopefully be able to start blogging about beauty related topics again (I did purchase some new Smashbox and Bobbi Brown items this week and will be reviewing those shortly!).

However, I have decided that I would also like to document my journey into the wonderful and terrifying world of parenthood.

So this blog shall become slightly more focused than before on the "More" element of "Make Up, Movies and More...." ....and the "more" will be all about pregnancy and, eventually, Motherhood.

But reader be warned - if you are expecting a Gwyneth Paltrow type article on the wonders of being a mother and the joys of pregnancy, you will NOT find that here.

One thing I suddenly became aware of when I became pregnant was all of the HORRORS that it brings, and how few people actually speak of them - you hear all the stories of the "Pregnant Womans Glow" (It's sweat....throwing up several times a day will do that for you) and the "Miracle of Life" (Not so much about the "Miracle of Piles") but so few people are REAL about pregnancy.

Now don't get me wrong, I know I should be grateful to be pregnant as a lot of people aren't able to be...and I am really. But I feel I am entitled to gripe about the hardships of it at the same time as being secretly thankful for the experience, and I also feel it only fair to share THE TRUTH with my fellow sisters.

And so - this is what my blog will be featuring - over the next few days, I will share with you some of the woes I have experienced in the past 27 weeks, and over the coming 13 weeks I will share with you the further details of my pregnancy.

The highs, the lows.....THE TRUTH.



  1. Now this is a pregnancy blog I wont mind reading! :P

  2. I never really experienced that glowing pregnant lady thing. I was miserable all through both of my pregnancies lol. Good thing it's more than worth it in the end! :)

  3. Hayley! So glad to hear you're back! I was worried when you disappeared for six months, good to hear you're ok. My pregnancy was naff - thyroid, dizzyness, nausea, anaemia & tooth ache! Everyone told me I was glowing too, really I was happier after she came out! Great to converse with you again! Take care, Dana :-)

    1. Hi Dana! :)
      Yep,I'm baaack! Aww sorry to hear your pregnancy was rubbish too! The thyroid thing is REALLY causing trouble for me at the moment :(
      Must go and catch up with your blog :)


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