Thursday, 17 January 2013

Bump Watch: Week 29

So here we are at week 29!
I had been thinking "Oh goodie! I'm only 11 weeks from due date, and given that I am likely to be having a c-section, only about 9-10 weeks until the bean is born!"
That hadn't felt like very long at all - until I realised that it was only 9 weeks ago that I had my 20 week scan.

It seriously feels like about 7 months ago that we went for that scan! So...the thought that I have the same amount of time minimum to wait for baby to arrive was quite a kick in the teeth! *sigh*

Pregnancy Gripes This Week:

Sleeping: Is getting steadily more difficult with every passing night. Mostly this is because Bean thinks Mummy's bedtime is Bean Disco Time and chooses the MOMENT I lay down to sleep to start his little party in my uterus, complete with break dancing and 10 minute bouts of the hiccups.
 I have also noticed that I can't lay on one side for too long or else my hip bone starts to ache - and  then there is the issue of needing a wee every 25 seconds, and the fact that its pretty difficult to ever get comfortable when there's always a head poking into your ribcage (Baby likes the breech position).

Acid Indigestion:  This has been a new one this week - I have had heartburn before, but this is on a whole new level! I woke up yesterday with a burning sensation equal to if I had swallowed a litre of lighter fluid - no amount of Rennie or milk eased it, and it was torture.
I read that elevating your head while you sleep helps - so last night I made myself a Leaning Tower Of Pisa out of pillows and it did seem to help, though the acid has now been replaced by a very annoying crick in my neck.

EXTREME movements: This week I went swimming and to the cinema - after both outings, baby had movement parties like NEVER before. He was performing full on acrobatics in there! I could see my stomach wobbling around and feel him doing somersaults and 360 degree turns - It was quite unnerving actually, at one point I looked down and fully expected to see a little foot dangling out of me.
I read that eating spicy foods can cause vigorous movements as the spices affect the taste of the amniotic fluid that Bean is eating...and on both occasions I had eaten very spicy Madras curries. Hmmm....

Branston Hickles: I do of course mean Braxton Hicks, but Jon calls them Branston Hickles and I much prefer this terminology - I have had BH quite often for the past few weeks and they have never been at all painful or uncomfortable, but this week I've been experiencing some very harsh pains every so often - it seems that these are merely more extreme forms of Braxton Hicks and nothing to worry about, but nonetheless I'd quite like them to do one!

My 29 week bump is wearing:
Black feather earrings from New Look
Black oversized jumper (Which now fits snugly instead of slouches!) from New Look
Red patterned leggings from Matalan
Black EMU Australia sheepskin boots

Things To Do This Week:

*Pay deposit on our pram - it takes 6 weeks to come into stock so needs to be ordered soon!
*Make a list of other items we need
*Make a list of everyday baby essentials we'll need (nappies, etc)
*Exchange the moses basket I bought for the one I have now decided that I want instead!

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