Thursday, 24 January 2013

Bump Watch: Week 30!

At last! We're into the 30's!!!! 

My 30 Week Bump Is Wearing:
Jumper by AX Paris
Leggings by New Look
Boots by EMU Australia
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Pregnancy Gripes This Week

*Well this has not been the most fun week.....there has been breast scans, questions over my Graves Disease medication being the incorrect one and possibly being damaging to the baby, lots of stress, lots of useless midwives and medical "professionals" not doing their jobs properly, and - in the end - a 4D scan to put my mind at ease! 

*Bean still has his foot jammed firmly into my ribcage and refuses to move it - its rather uncomfortable!

*Sleeping is becoming harder, as I need to get up for a loo visit every 4.5 seconds!

Nice Pregnancy Things This Week

*Deposit was paid on our lovely pram! (Thank you Mummy!) - I'm not going to post pictures until it arrives, which will be in about 6 weeks time!
*A few things crossed off our list of what we need
*The 4D scan! I got to see Bean chewing on something and looking around a LOT more than I expected with his eyes wide open! And it is 101% a boy, so its nice to know that my gazillion little blue outfits will definitely be worn!!! :)

Meet Bean!

We had the 4D scan at 1st Choice Baby Scans in Warrington - we got a 15 minute scan, 2 glossy colour photos, lots of black & white photos, a keyring and a lovely little gift box with a teeny weeny pair of socks inside! How sweet?!!

This is Bean!

He currently weights 3.80 lbs which is smack bang in the middle of the average range for 30 weeks, and everything looks nice & normal! Hurray! :)

Things To Do This Week

*Look up birth classes
*Make a list of everyday baby essentials we will need
*Update list of Big Things we need for Bean (List getting much smaller now!)
*Find out if any aquanatal classes in the area



  1. Aaawww he's a cutie! I'm totally with you on the no sleep, I can't even remember what it's like to sleep for more than an hour at a time :( I'm 34 weeks now and I've had a bad cold this week which has resulted in me feeling very sorry for myself and having a mini meltdown, I really can't wait to just have my baby here and give her a big cuddle! Hope you got everything sorted with your medication :) xxx
    Beauty by Emma

    1. Thanks! :)
      Aww as if pregnancy isn't hard enough without having a cold as well! :( At least it won't be long now! How many weeks were you when you had your first?

    2. I got to 42 weeks and then had to be induced because nothing was happening at all! I'm really hoping that doesn't happen again this time xxx

  2. Ooo 30 weeks is so exciting! I've been hating the last few days as had Braxton Hicks. I didn't get them with Stace so it was a bit of a shock to the system lol.

    I am thinking of starting to buy stuff for my hospital bag this week as last time I was sooooo unprepared it was unreal!

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. Hehe, it does feel nice to be in the 30s at last!!
      Aww BH can be harsh - what have yours felt like? Mine had been mostly painless but this week I've been getting really strong period pains which they say is also BH!

      I've been thinking of starting my hospital bag this week too! Think that should be our preg mission for the week lol!


  3. Oh wow that scan photo is brilliant babes xx

  4. So exciting, so close now! Looking beautiful hun xxx


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