Friday, 1 February 2013

Bump Watch: Week 31!

Wow - it only feels like 5 minutes ago that I was posting up my Week 30 update!

But here I am at 31 weeks pregnant!

Don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining - I would really like the rest of this pregnancy to go by quickly! It feels like it has been years long already, and now I am getting really bored of it and I just want to meet the baby!!! 

Pregnancy Gripes This Week:

*Remember what I said last week about sleeping being difficult?! Well, I hold my hands up - I had NO idea what I was talking about last week! THIS week....THIS is what uncomfortable feels like!!!
I literally dread bedtime because there is just no such thing as comfort any more.
I can only imagine that this is going to get worse and worse over the next 9 weeks.....Oh the joy.

*I have been reasonably lucky up until now with regard to trips to the loo - but apparently Bean has now noticed that he's been missing an opportunity to torture me!!
For the past few days, I have been up and down needing a wee literally every 5 minutes. Sometimes I've no sooner finished washing my hands and I need to go again!
 I'm thinking of having a stairlift installed, because hauling my huge pregnant arse up and down the stairs every 5 minutes is no easy task......

*My bump has now become H-E-A-V-Y!! I mean, just look at the picture below, it is seriously starting to resemble a beach ball. 
I also now have baby body parts sticking out of me quite frequently - I swear, this child is ALL bones - its constant knees and elbows sticking out left, right and centre!

Nice Pregnancy Things This Week:

*Bean's movements have started to be less painful on the whole - it used to be lots of kicks and bladder jabs, but now it feels more like big rolling sensations - I prefer this and it makes me yelp far less often, which works for me.

*Finally got my medication dramas sorted out so feeling much better about things medically right now - for those of you who may not know, I have a thyroid condition called Graves Disease which makes my pregnancy "High Risk" ... and there have been some problems lately regarding the medication. I'm glad its all been sorted last!!!!

*We got all of Bean's many things (Viewable here if you haven't had a nosey yet!) sorted out into age order and boxed up, so I won't have to go rooting through tons of boxes to find what I'm looking for once he's born - I can just pull out the age appropriate box! :)

*I'm very much looking forward to going to the Baby & Toddler show at Liverpool Echo Arena this weekend! I had been planning on attending anyway, but I found out this week that I have actually won two tickets through a magazine competition I entered - which means I've saved myself the £30 entrance fee!! Yippee!! :)

*I found some local antenatal classes and have signed us up for them, they take place over the weekend of 16-17th March so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I don't go into labour before then! Or should that be keeping my legs crossed.....?!

My 31 week Bump Is Wearing:
T shirt from Heavenly Bump
Leggings from Select

Things To Do This Week:

*32 Week Midwife Appointment - fingers crossed measurements are on track!
* Consultant appointment to discuss the birth options - eeeek!
*Go to the Baby & Toddler show!
*Choose a Moses Basket
*Buy a baby bath

Well that's all from me & Bean for now!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for our Friday Fives Post, and while you're here - have you entered our EMU Australia giveaway??? Check it out here!

There will be more exciting giveaways coming up on the blog over the next few weeks, so keep checking back! :)

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