Thursday, 10 January 2013

Bump Watch

As I am sure you are all aware - a growing bump is the main indicator of pregnancy! 

Over this entry I want to chat about my experience with my growing bump, the reactions I have had to it, and share the photos of my Bump journey so far....over the remaining weeks of my pregnancy, I will share my Bump pics every Thursday - let's see how big I can get! :D

All pregnant women feel differently about their growing bumps - some love their newly rounded and womanly shapes and enjoy showing them off in clingy tops, and some find them less pleasing as - lets face it - so many of us women have problems with body image and weight!

For me personally, having suffered from a thyroid disease since the age of 18 which has caused my weight to constantly fluctuate, I have always fallen into the latter category.

Me - pre pregnancy.

However, I also have never been in possession of the flat "Britney Belly" I have always desired, and have always felt self-conscious and concerned that people may mistake my rounded tummy for pregnancy (which has happened on more than one occasion, I'm sad to say!)

So on another level, my growing baby belly has actually been quite a relief - at least now there's a little human being in there so there's a reason at last for the rounded appearance! - plus it means that in future, I will be able to blame my rounded tum on my poor little baby ( And I plan on doing this for the rest of his life....hey, its a perk!).

So far, I have been quite lucky with regards to weight gain, I am NOT somebody who makes a conscious effort to eat well and I certainly do not calorie count - so I had NO intention of becoming one of those people during pregnancy. I had every intention of using pregnancy as an excuse to gorge on cakes and chocolate to my hearts content!
Of course, 25 weeks of constant morning sickness did get in the way of that a little bit - and the food aversions were something I hadn't bargained for either.

But all in all, I haven't deprived myself of anything I've wanted - so I have been happy that, so far, I have gained less weight than average for my point in pregnancy.

I have had my bump measured on two occasions and I measured bang on target both times - 24 cms at 24 weeks, and 27 cms at 27 weeks. So I am happy in the knowledge that everything is developing as it should be.

One concern I have at the moment is that people might not realise that I am pregnant and simply think I have over-indulged over the holiday season!
My partner assures me that nobody could mistake my bump (A thinly veiled insult, I think) and I am sure that  he is right - I am quite sure I have already started to waddle rather than walk, and I constantly feel the need to exhale with vigour thanks to the extra cargo I have on board - but nevertheless, I find myself continuously and enthusiastically patting my bump whenever I'm in public - just to make sure that everybody knows theres a baby in there!

However, what I haven't been prepared for is the comments that a baby bump seems to draw from other people.

I have started to dread being asked what my due date is, as it is ALWAYS followed by a wide-eyed glance at my belly and a look that tells me they were expecting me to tell them a date within the next few weeks.

But I would take those glances any day over the comments received from some more outspoken people.

Something a lot of pregnant women like to do is keep a bump diary, documenting our changing shapes over the weeks, and in modern times its the done thing to post these bump photos up on Facebook/Twitter/Etc.

The first time I posted my bump photo at 16 weeks I was completely unprepared for some of the comments I received! Remarks along the lines of "Wow so big already for 16 weeks!" and "I was NEVER that big!" seemed to be completely the norm.

Bump - 16 weeks, 5 days

Baby shower bump - 19 weeks, 3 days

Rocking my bump @ 20 weeks

I am a member of a pregnancy forum where I chat regularly with around 10 other ladies from across the globe who are at similar stages of pregnancy to me - and all of them have experienced exactly the same kind of thing.

One of them had somebody comment on her plate at a party, warning her not to eat for two - another has received constant criticism on the size of her bump and comments that she will be having a huge baby - all of us have, at one point or another, been on the receiving end of a comment about our size.

Bump at 21 weeks 

Christmas Day Bump - 26 weeks

My current 28 week bump!

I just don't understand why people think its acceptable to pass comments on somebodys bump size or weight during pregnancy - its not something that is socially acceptable at any other would never dream of commenting on somebodys Facebook photo with "WOW! You're so big, aren't you?! I have never been that fat!" - so why is it ok to do it just because somebody is pregnant?

I can assure you, its no less offensive!

But alas, this is just another gripe in the life of a pregnant lady - for 9 months we simply have to either accept the fact that people feel they are allowed to have free reign on comments relating to your size, or risk telling them where to go and losing a lot of friends!

How depressing....quick, somebody pass me another doughnut! 
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