Saturday, 19 January 2013

Dressing The Bump

Happy Saturday Evening Readers!

It's time for my weekly maternity fashion post! :)

This week has been frrrrrrreezing cold, so I have been living in nice warm snuggly jumpers and comfy pairs of leggings!

My little collection of EMU Australia boots has come in very handy too! They are the WARMEST things ever and have very good grips which is ideal for a pregnant girlie walking in the snow! :)

EMU Australia Grey Boots  - £187.99

These are the kinds of outfits I have been wearing this (Please forgive the bad hair and lack of make up - tiredness has really kicked in this week!)

Jumper - New Look Maternity Range - £24.99

Pink long sleeved t shirt - New Look Maternity Range (from a 3 pack including a red one and a navy & white striped one) - £9.99

Grey & Pink floral patterned leggings - New Look Maternity Range - £5.99 (In the sale!)

I really can't recommend New Look's maternity range highly enough when it comes to jumpers and leggings! I find their dresses and other items a little bit "safe" but the jumpers are always so comfortable and come in such a wide variety of colours and designs - and leggings are so comfortable that its just like wearing PJs all day long, the patterned ones in particular are favourites of mine as they are so easy to wear but they really add a bit of colour and fun to an outfit!

Black Heart Jumper - AX Paris - £22.99
Snowflake Print Leggings - New Look Maternity Range - £9.99



  1. Ooh these look so snug and warm, perfect for this vile weather we are having! X

  2. I bought the Aztec Cardigan and some t-shirts in the sale and absolutely love them! So comfy and would be well worth the money at full price.

    Love your outfits ... those leggings are awesome :D

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  3. I love Emu's...they look fab x

  4. Love the leggings! I've been living in leggings for pretty much the whole of my pregnancy, they're just so comfortable! xx

    Beauty by Emma

    1. Thanks! They're amazing aren't they! Comfy and still pretty,ideal! xx

  5. Those are seriously some awesome leggings! You rock them!

  6. Where did you find these leggings? I've been searching everywhere!!!


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