Sunday, 27 January 2013

Dressing The Bump!

This week has seen the return of lots of the white stuff around Sparkles & Stretchmarks hometown!
So this has called for the wearing of lots of jumpers!
I love long jumpers but, as I mentioned last week, I tend to wear them a LOT over leggings so I wanted to try them with something different....I'm usually not a fan of jeans at all, but during the summer I did get into the coloured jeans I purchased a pair of Magenta coloured skinny over-the-bump maternity jeans from New Look.

These are MUCH more comfortable than normal jeans - the fabric is so soft and has loads of "Give" in it!

And the colour matches perfectly with this super soft long-line jumper I got from Florence & Fred @ Tesco.

As I have been wearing my jumpers so often, I've found myself getting bored of the ones I have - but obviously getting closer to the end of the pregnancy I don't want to go spending a fortune on bigger sized clothes that I don't plan to need for much longer - so I was thrilled with the bargain I picked up in TK Maxx this week!
I bought this jumper by Religion.

Religion jumpers usually retail for around £70 so I was THRILLED to find this in the final clearance for just £5!!

Its super comfy - and I'll let you into a secret, it's actually from the Mens range! But I personally don't think you can tell, do you?!

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