Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday 5's: 5 Pregnancy Niggles

It's Friday again already so time for the Friday Fives! :)

This week I've chosen to do a list of the Five Little pregnancy inconveniences that have been irritating me the most!
Everybody talks about all the BIG problems in pregnancy but I personally have been surprised by how many silly little things have cropped up, that I hadn't known about or considered, which have been a real pain in the neck!

1. Loss Of Contact With Anywhere Below The Thigh!

I miss my feet. I have not been able to cut or paint my own toe nails for around 10 weeks now....luckily Jon is quite handy with the nail varnish, or else I would be going mad without my red toe nails!
I have also been struggling to be able to shave my legs below the knee - I can still JUST about manage it if I contort myelf into weird half-human/half-snake shapes in the bath but its becoming increasingly difficult.....

2. Baby Brain

This is no myth. For the first few weeks I thought this was something that clever pregnant ladies had invented as one of the perks of pregnancy, to enable us to blame anything and everything we forget to do on "Baby Brain" - but no no, this is a REAL inconvenience.

For example - yesterday I went on a little shopping trip to TK Maxx with my mum. I walked out of the house, got in the car, and off we went.
 It wasn't until I got there that I realised - I was still wearing my slippers......

3. Flipper

You know when you're uncomfortable in bed of a night and you want to turn over? So you just roll onto your side and thats the end of the story?
Yeah....not when you're pregnant its not.
There's a WHOLE routine that goes along with changing sides now - I have to grab the side of the bed, hoist myself up a bit, literally FLIP myself over - much like a beached whale may do, and flop back down onto the side I want.
And then do a bit more whale-flipping until the position is right and I'm something resembling comfortable.....or as comfortable as you can be with something that feels a lot like a beach ball full of hard body parts that won't stop wriggling around  permanently attached to you.....

4. Kick Me Baby, One More Time.....

I feel like I keep mentioning this one, but that's because it is causing me MORE pain than I can possibly describe! For most of the day and ALL of the night - Bean seems to enjoy perching his little feet on one particular rib. I can only assume he's just resting his feet there, because I have the constant sensation of something digging in - in the same spot all of the time. 
 Oh and its also worth mentioning this....Kicks HURT.
I was surprised by this - I thought something must be wrong and that I was growing some kind of Bionic Baby - but no,apparently its normal. Its just something that nobody warns you about!
I expected to feel some gentle little movements - but no, it HURTS. And babies like to kick awkward places - ribcages, bladders, etc - and they do it with FORCE.

5. Period Pain

Yes, you read that right.
That one thing that you were looking forward to about 9 months of pregnancy - not having to deal with periods - not entirely true!
The pains are still there! I was quite shocked about this but was told straight away by my midwife that most women do continue to experience period pains at around the time they would have been due to come on - throughout the pregnancy.
And what's even better is, once you get further along and the Braxton Hicks kicks in - the period pains get stronger. Yippeeeeee.

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