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Friday Fives: Top 5 Things People Say That Bug Me!

It's Friday again already - where did that week go?!

So its time for another Friday Fives List, and this week I have chosen to do my 

Top 5 Things People Say To Pregnant Women That Bug Me

1. "Ooh you've still got ages to go, yet!"

It seems like people say this no matter HOW far along into the pregnancy you are. People started saying it when I was around 8 weeks along and was considering announcing the pregnancy (for fear of people starting to ask questions about my sudden growing attachment to the toilet, thanks to all the morning sickness!) - I got a lot of "Oh but its SO early on yet....". I guess that was fair enough.

I first started to get annoyed by these comments at around 19 weeks, when I was officially halfway through the pregnancy....I remember asking my Dr a question about the birth and being met with the response "Well we'll talk about it nearer to the time, you've got ages to go yet..."

And now, at 29 weeks, it doesn't seem to have changed - despite the fact that I am now into the third trimester, am waddling around like Jessica Simpson's more pregnant twin, and am a mere 11 weeks away from due date - people are STILL saying those dreaded words to me.

I am now having images of laying with my feet in stirrups in 11 weeks time and still hearing the same evil words coming at me from the mouth of a midwife....

2. "You think pregnancy is hard...wait until the baby comes!"

I love those statements!
I mean, OMG - you mean to tell me that it's hard work to look after a baby?! I had NO idea!!!!  ....*waddles off to cancel the daily mani-pedi appointments I'd scheduled for the next year*

3. "Breast Is Best!"

Thank you so much for forcing your views on to me, but actually, given the amount of medication I am going to be on after I give birth thanks to the medical condition I have which is not visible to the naked eye....No, it isn't always. 
Now if you could please open wide and insert your foot into your mouth......thank youuu!

4. "Oh I LOVED that!"/ "I never had that problem!"/ "I was much smaller when I was xxx weeks....!"

I think its lovely that some Pregnancy Angels are able to experience blissful pregnancies, maintain wonderful figures throughout, and never have a single pregnancy-related gripe - I really do.
But I am about as far as you could ever get from one of THOSE ladies, and so - when I am whinging about my 25 weeks of vomiting, or complaining about the foot poking me in the ribs continuously - please just be nice and say "Aww", and don't tell me about how much you enjoyed it or how you never had that problem. Coz right now...I'm very unsympathetic :)

5. "That's going to be a big baby!" / "Oh I can tell what you're having!" / "I have a knack for these things, he's going to have a freckle on his left palm...."

When you become pregnant, you suddenly realise just how many people you know who have an extraordinary gift for predicting the future!
Suddenly the whole world is an expert on predicting babys gender/size/hair colour/first word/favourite colour based purely on their "feelings" which "have never been wrong!".
It gets old...quickly.

Join me for my next post on Sunday, when I will be discussing the naming of baby!



  1. Ha this made me laugh! Most of these wound me up too. One of the things I hated was the sheer competitiveness of some women - if your birth was easy, theirs was easier. If it was hard, theirs was way harder. I actually had quite a tidgy girl and when out for a walk, one woman said "oh what did she weigh?" I told her and she replied "oh that's really big! Mine was only..."(3lb less than mine. I was really upset at the time! But... meh. Luckily not everyone's like that, and none of it matters much in the long run.

    1. I never understand why it's a 'competition' to be honest. All I ask is for a pleasant pregnancy. Not that that's really happening at the moment but hey ho haha.

      Louise x

      Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    2. Lol! Yeah that's so true! I hadn't realised pregnancy was a competitive sport until now!
      I hate the weight competitions with babies too, it's so ridiculous!

  2. People drove me Crazy when I was pregnant with my Son and my Twins. Let it go in one ear and out the other lovely:)

    Sara x

  3. Aaah! I love this post! I totally agree with everything you just said! I had the same issues about breastfeeding! People always love to give you their oppinion and advice even when you don't want or need it! Take care!!


  4. Hahaha! I hate those comments too! I think the one that bugs me the most at the moment is "it's not an illness you know" I'm sorry but at times it certainly feels like an illness, like when you're puking your guts up or when you can't breathe or walk depending on the position of the baby or when you have a permanent sore throat from the acid constantly bubbling in your throat! Looking forward to your next post :) xx

    Beauty by Emma

    1. Oooh I forgot about that one! I hear that a lot too! Lol, that's as bad as when you have a rotten cold and people insist on saying "It's just a cold, you're not dying..."...AND?! lol.

  5. My favourite comment was "wow you're so huge already, you've so long to go..."
    I gave birth 5 weeks early so I say - if you have 11 weeks left, start planning the birth now. I went in with no clue about anything and it was NOT a fun experience!
    And when the baby comes it's hard but it's not *that* hard. If I can do it on my own then it can't be that difficult. I'm very lazy!
    I look forward to reading about baby names x

    1. Wow 5 weeks early! Did you have pre-eclamypsia?

      Thanks! :) xxx

  6. Totally agree on them all! I also hated random people rubbing my bump like they owned it or had a right to!

    Great post x

    1. Lol! That hasn't happened to me yet, I must look unapproachable!
      I don't think I'd handle it very well though lol!

      Thanks! :)

  7. Oh I heard all of those and remember how annoyed I would get especially at the first one of having so much time left. People need to think before they talk seriously. I also couldn't breast feed, because my baby had colic and wouldn't latch, but that didn't stop the stupid comments either. Thanks for writing this and so happy to be following you back!!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets annoyed by them! :)

      Thanks for following! :) xxx

  8. Oh my goodness!! I am in full agreement with all of the above!
    There is someone at work who is one week ahead of me in her pregnancy and other colleagues are forever telling her it'll come round quickly and telling me that Ive got ages - what...?!

    And sleeping - I am finding sleeping quite hard at the moment. Sometimes it is due to discomfort and sometimes it is just plain insomnia. So I see people (family, friends, work etc etc) and they say to me "Well its all good preparation". Er...currently there is no reason for me to be awake so it can jog on. Plus I am tired (and therefore grumpy) so telling me to get over it just isnt helpful!

    Does anyone else find that these comments come from people who have had children (aka think they're the experts!). How might it be possible to avoid this myself when I become a mummy in a few short weeks...?

    1. Lol! Aww Ali, I feel for you! :(
      We MUST remember to bite our tongues whenever speaking to any pregnant women in the future, I don't ever want to become one of these annoying people!


  9. Haha, amazing. So funny and completely true. I forgot about the breastfeeding one when I did my post, and yes it's quite remarkable just how many people suddenly seem to be able to predict the future, lol.

    Bump to Baby

  10. Thank you for posting this! I typed in "annoying people who claim to be able to predict the future," and yours was one of the top results that came up. I am also pregnant, and there is someone who has been saying she KNOWS how much my baby will weigh, the hair color (of course not resembling me at all), and a bunch of other things. She claims she is gifted with this ability. I wish it was something I could laugh off, but it feels too inappropriate when she starts talking like that. It takes a lot of restraint for me to not snap at her. Ugh.


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