Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Bean Stash!

So, my sister lives about 200 miles away from us and has therefore not seen any of the stuff I've been buying for Bean....she asked me to take some photos of what I've bought so far!
I got out his stuff tonight - I keep it in various bags and boxes all over the house - The Virgo in me finds it very reassuring to keep his things all neatly labeled and kept together in group/themes:

 *a box of newborn-3 sized clothes
*a box of 6-9 months clothes
* a bag of 9-12 months clothes
*a bag of 12-18 months clothes
*Bags of hats, mittens, socks and shoes. 
*A bag of towels and bathtime related items.
*A bag of toys and books.
*A bag of sleep time related items (sheets, gro bags, pyjamas, etc)

I knew I had been buying a lot of things (And my Mum has been pretty much matching me item for item if not outdoing me!), but I seriously had NO idea I had so much stuff until tonight when I started photographing it.....

Blankets, Cot sheets, 0-3 months outfits, socks & hats...

More 0-3 months outfits, vests, sleepsuits, coat....

0-3 months outfits (the NON blue things!), bibs...

Mix of 0-3 months and 3-6 months outfits, swim shorts, slippers, shoes...

Collection of checked shirts (Can you tell I love them?!) and "Little Man" jumpers....

Gro-bags and pyjamas....

Cute little booties!...

Towels and dummies....

Toys & books....

Bottles, steriliser, nappy disposal unit, changing mat...

Car Seat...

Oh. My. Goodness.....

This child is still 10 weeks away from being due to enter the world, and he already has more clothes than most already-born babies!!!

I HAVE TO STOP buying clothes now! I've said it so many times but seriously....if anybody hears me mention that I've bought ANY more items of clothing for this child before his 1st birthday, please intervene!!!!!

But I will say that, while I admit I have gone a little overboard here, I do think we have done well with being organised and we have picked up lots of bargains along the way!

I've found that planning ahead is really worthwhile - I worked out ages ago what seasons it would be when Bean is wearing 3-6 months clothes, 6-9 months and so on (With a reasonable margin for error should he be smaller or larger than average for his age....) - and so using this knowledge, I have shopped the clearance sections of baby clothes stores and picked up bargains in the right sizes for summer, autumn and next winter!! :)

It just relaxes me to know that we already have a head start on his wardrobe right up until he's a year old! (Today I saw a GORGEOUS little outfit in Tk Maxx for just £6.99 aged 12 months - I figured it would be perfect for him next Easter! ha! OCD or what?!)

We also got a great price on the car seat via the Bounty Offers website, which is definitely worth checking out every now and then!

And I have an Amazon Wishlist which I use as a reminder of all the things I want to buy - this week I checked the wishlist and noticed that a few items on it had been reduced to half price, so I bought them! - having a wishlist like this is a great way of keeping track of things as well as a fab way of being alerted when they are on special offer so that you can bag yourself a bargain!

I did love looking through Bean's things tonight, and I just HAD to show you my favourites close up!

The little argyle patterned suit on the right is one of the first things I bought and I just love how preppy it is!
It's by Tutto Piccolo and was £24.99.
I also love the one in the middle as its just so different! It was a bargain too from TK Maxx for just £6.99!

All 3 of these were from Mamas & Papas, I just love their little outfits! 
The one on the right was actually an outfit my sister bought from Mamas & Papas 5 years ago when she was having her first baby - she had a little girl so it was never used and she gave it to me! :)

This little outfit consists of an argyle patterned jumper, soft cord trousers and a long sleeved top - it's by the fabulous Emile et Rose whose range is absolutely STUNNING - it was a gift from my Mum but was rather pricey at £55.00! Definitely worth splashing out for a special occasion though! I think I'll have professional pics taken of him wearing this :)

I think these little knitted booties are my absolute favourite item as they are just so dinky and cute!!!
They were from a local market and they cost £3! :)

So, that's our Bean Stash up to now! We still need to buy things like a baby bath. wash cloths, a baby monitor, and a few other bits & pieces - and we have our pram on order - so I will be updating with Part 2 of the Bean Stash at a later date, but I am hoping I am able to resist any further clothes shopping!!!!!


  1. How organised are you?! Haha. We're quite organised with things like pushchair, cot, bouncy chair etc but we don't have bottles, a steriliser or many clothes yet! Although he does have a few cute t-shirts and sleepsuits for when he gets here. It's so exciting isn't it?!

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. Lol! Organised....Obsessed...same thing :P

      It is really exciting!!!! xxx

    2. It certainly is :D Me and my mum are going on a shopping spree for her birthday on Feb 11th so I'm gonna pick up his bath, baby box and maybe some clothes :D xx

  2. wow you are very organised....which is a good thing..best to be prepared...Aaaw so many cute clothes...Those booties are adorable x

  3. Ooh you have done well and hey your baby, your choice, but I do love those outfits, so cute xx


  4. Omg! I love it! You are just like me, this makes me feel so much better about the crazy amount of things I've bought for this baby, I went mad buying things for my son before he was born and then I kept all his clothes for baby no.2 thinking I would have another boy but since finding out this one is a girl I've had to start all over again! She's got a wardrobe and 2 drawers full and then half another wardrobe full lol I think I'll do a post like this for all her stuff (at least I know you won't judge me lol)It looks like you've got some gorgeous stuff for your little boy, can't wait to see pics of him wearing them! :)
    Just checked out the MADS awards and you so deserve best pregnancy blog so I nominated you! xxx

    1. Lol! Well I'm glad it's made you feel better, and yep now we definitely need to see your stash so that I can feel better! lol. No judgement here!!!
      I'm def going to keep everything incase there's ever another boy!
      Aww thank you so much! :) xxx

  5. Ahhh so beautiful clothes... He will be the best dressed baby in the UK hunnie... Xxx

  6. Wow you have A LOT of stuff. you're really putting me to shame right now! lol. I bet it's been so fun shopping as much as you do for baby! time has gone by so fast .. I just decided to wait til after my baby shower.

    I'm Miya from Miyaloves.blogspot.com.. thanks for commenting my blog! I was hoping my button on "babyandbump.com" would attract some other mommy bloggers out there ;) ..following you & good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!


    1. Thanks!! :) I had my shower early coz I moved away from the area where all my friends live, so I've been free to shop for a while! lol!

      Thanks for following! :)


  7. Wow what an amazing selection of clothes!! It's always best to be well prepared. I love the changing mat where's it from!!??

    Hope your well.. I've been slacking at blogging but am back now the sickness got the better of me :(

    Emily xx

  8. Buying for a baby is so exciting isn't it. Although I don't like how quick they grow out of everything :(

    1. I know! I'm gonna keep everything though incase I have a second boy hehe



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