Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bump Watch: 32 Weeks

Well can you believe it?!

Yet another week has zoomed on past, and it's Thursday again already!

Which means I am now 32 weeks pregnant!! Time really is flying by now!

My bump seemed to "pop" massively the day after I posted my 31 Week Bumpwatch so there is quite a dramatic difference in bump size for you this week!

Here I am, at 32 weeks:

Don't I look fit to burst already?!!!

Some Exciting Pregnancy News

I have been given a date for my c-section!!! 

If I don't go into spontaneous labour beforehand, then Bean will be arriving into the world on 26th March 2013!! 

I am happy with this date because:

*I love the idea of having a little Aries!
*His birthday will only be 10 days after his cousin Lottie's (they will be 3 years apart)
*He will be "Tuesdays Child" which I think is nice
*He will be here and brand new in time for Easter! :)

Pregnancy Gripes This Week

*Heartburn - I have a new found adoration for Rennie. I am already penning my letter of undying love to send to the company who make them.....
*PAINFUL BUMP!!!! - I finally gave in and bought some bump bands and I am REALLY hoping they give me some extra support and help with the pain, it's getting SO heavy :(
*Toothache - there is a reason that they give you free dental during pregnancy. Last night I was laying in bed crying in agony with raging toothache until around 6 am. Hence why I look so ridiculously tired on these pictures!!!

My 32 Week Bump Is Wearing:
Chiffon polka dot dress - New Look - 
Navy leggings - New Look - £5.99
I was quite impressed as none of these are from the maternity range, they are both New Look standard size 16 so I was rather amazed that they fitted me! 

Nice Pregnancy Things This Week

*Finding out the date of Bean's possible arrival
*Finding out that I will be having a 32 week Growth Scan on Tuesday - I like the scans!
*Treating myself to some nice new Maternity wear (Post to come!)
*I have booked a pregnancy massage for this Saturday - I am SO looking forward to it!!!! :) 
*32 week midwife appointment went well - everything seems to be on track so far!
*Found out that we won't be needing to choose a Moses Basket after all as Bean Nanny has asked if she can surprise us with one - how exciting! :D

To Do This Week:

*Growth Scan on Tuesday
*Midwife appointment on Wednesday
*Newborn Know How Classes
*Start packing hospital bag
*Look into pregnancy yoga classes

Well that is all from me and Bean for now!
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