Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bump Watch: 32 Weeks

Well can you believe it?!

Yet another week has zoomed on past, and it's Thursday again already!

Which means I am now 32 weeks pregnant!! Time really is flying by now!

My bump seemed to "pop" massively the day after I posted my 31 Week Bumpwatch so there is quite a dramatic difference in bump size for you this week!

Here I am, at 32 weeks:

Don't I look fit to burst already?!!!

Some Exciting Pregnancy News

I have been given a date for my c-section!!! 

If I don't go into spontaneous labour beforehand, then Bean will be arriving into the world on 26th March 2013!! 

I am happy with this date because:

*I love the idea of having a little Aries!
*His birthday will only be 10 days after his cousin Lottie's (they will be 3 years apart)
*He will be "Tuesdays Child" which I think is nice
*He will be here and brand new in time for Easter! :)

Pregnancy Gripes This Week

*Heartburn - I have a new found adoration for Rennie. I am already penning my letter of undying love to send to the company who make them.....
*PAINFUL BUMP!!!! - I finally gave in and bought some bump bands and I am REALLY hoping they give me some extra support and help with the pain, it's getting SO heavy :(
*Toothache - there is a reason that they give you free dental during pregnancy. Last night I was laying in bed crying in agony with raging toothache until around 6 am. Hence why I look so ridiculously tired on these pictures!!!

My 32 Week Bump Is Wearing:
Chiffon polka dot dress - New Look - 
Navy leggings - New Look - £5.99
I was quite impressed as none of these are from the maternity range, they are both New Look standard size 16 so I was rather amazed that they fitted me! 

Nice Pregnancy Things This Week

*Finding out the date of Bean's possible arrival
*Finding out that I will be having a 32 week Growth Scan on Tuesday - I like the scans!
*Treating myself to some nice new Maternity wear (Post to come!)
*I have booked a pregnancy massage for this Saturday - I am SO looking forward to it!!!! :) 
*32 week midwife appointment went well - everything seems to be on track so far!
*Found out that we won't be needing to choose a Moses Basket after all as Bean Nanny has asked if she can surprise us with one - how exciting! :D

To Do This Week:

*Growth Scan on Tuesday
*Midwife appointment on Wednesday
*Newborn Know How Classes
*Start packing hospital bag
*Look into pregnancy yoga classes

Well that is all from me and Bean for now!
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  1. I can't believe how quick that last week has gone! You look amazing hunni!!

    The c section date is really exciting!!


  2. Omg! How exciting to know exactly when your baby is coming! It's driving me mad not knowing when my baby is going to show up, I hope she comes soon! xx

    Beauty by Emma

    1. I know, its so strange! :) I mean, it could happen before then - but fingers crossed it doesn't! :)
      Do you think you'll go early this time? *fingers crossed she comes soon!*


  3. OOH yay, ive just put the date in my diary incase I forget about it ha... xx

  4. I'll be on maternity leave by then (I keep banging my bump on the counter so am sticking in a few weeks holiday followed by maternity, which starts on March 17th) so I'll be able to keep majorly up to date with what's happening with you and Bean. Yay.

    You'll have to let me know if the bump bands are any good. My stomach feels so heavy now that I'm considering picking some up when I go into town next week xx


    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. Aww! Not long until your maternity leave then!! Hehe! :)

      The bump bands are a pointless waste of time. Don't waste your money :( I'm gonna mention the heavy stomach thing to my midwife and see if she can suggest anything, its getting SO painful!


  5. Ahhhhh, you look lovely! I miss my bump! Heartburn is a total git isn't it?

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  6. Aww u look glowing , good luck with it all as wow will fly now and hope ur not too uncomfortable for the last weeks x

  7. Congrats! You look beautiful!

    Following from the Blog Hop! :)


  8. I found your blog from the I love my post blog hop! Congratulations on the pregnancy! I know you are a ways along, but since I just "met" you I feel I can say that!

    I look forward to seeing your progress. Cynthia at

  9. Oh you look so happy and cute :) Found your blog on the I Love My Post blog hop

    xo, Vita

  10. Following from the I love My Post hop!
    Congratulations on your little one coming soon!!!! I love that polkadot dress!

  11. Congrats on the date for your c-section how exciting x

  12. i am an aries too!!lovely blog! newest follower *GFC..from blog hop "live,laugh,love" visit us sometime and follow if you like!


  13. You look gorgeous and ready to pop! I cannot wait to see pictures of this little man. I love the dress by the way.
    Get the perfect silhouette with stylish shapewear


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