Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bump Watch: 33 Weeks

Its Thursday folks - which means it's time for my weekly BUMP WATCH update!

I am now 33 weeks pregnant! Eeek!

The time is really shooting past now! Only 5 weeks and 5 days to go! 

Here I am today at 33 weeks, just before Bean Daddy took me out for a nice Valentines lunch at TGI Fridays:

I had lots of yummy mocktails as a treat (Strawberry Lemonade Slush and San Francisco Fling! mmm!) and we went for a walk around Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet Village afterwards....I was VERY restrained but I did treat myself to one little luxury at the Discount Cosmetics Store - a MAC Beauty Powder which was reduced to £14.50! Will be doing a review on that once I've given it a try :)

Bean Daddy gave me some lovely flowers and Lindt chocolates for Valentines Day, AND he gave me a subscription to Birch Box! I was really excited about that - I used to subscribe to all of the beauty boxes but I stopped when I began to feel like I was always getting the same products, but I've had a break now and am excited about starting to get them again next month!
I hope you've all had a nice Valentines Day?

Pregnancy Gripes This Week

*Sleep - I've had a few nights this week where I have been completely unable to get any sleep whatsoever. Between the baby wiggling around, the heartburn, and the inability to ever get comfortable - it just isn't happening!! :(

*Painful Movements - Around 22 weeks I was getting very painful sharp jabs a LOT but then they became much less dramatic, and I assumed it was because Bean has less room now to dance around in there - but apparently he's found a way as the painful kicks have started again! They can be SO intense that they make me yelp...naughty Bean!

*Placenta Problems - I found out this week that my silly Placenta has attached itself over the opening of my cervix - as I'm having a c-section anyway it doesn't matter all that much, but it could cause real problems if I was to go into labour naturally as its basically blocking the babies exit and he could rupture it if he tries to get out that way! eeek! *fingers crossed he stays put until the c-section!"*

*Heart Scan - This morning I had to go for an ultrasound on my heart to check up on a heart murmur, so that they can be aware of any potential problems before the birth. The sonographer was absolutely lovely and he seemed to think everything looked ok, but seriously - HOW many times during this pregnancy am I going to have to get my boobs out for random men?!!!! Last week it was a breast scan, this week a heart scan....seriously, enough!

*Itchiness! - I have been scratching away at my bump lately, and at my 32 week appointment my midwife noticed the marks - she asked me some questions about my itchiness and apparently the fact that the soles of my feet and my palms get itchy means I could possibly have cholastasis - she has taken blood to run the test for it, so I'll find out in a week or so.

My 33 Week Bump Is Wearing:
*Dress from New Look Maternity
*Leggings from Select
*Shoes from New Look

Nice Pregnancy Things This Week

*Scan - We had a growth scan this week, Bean seems to be growing perfectly and my bump is measuring exactly 33 cms so exactly where it should be. 
We found out during the scan that Bean apparently has a lot of hair!! I'm quite pleased about this as I love babies with loads of hair and it means I get to play around brushing it when he's born hehe.

We also got one more scan photo, and this is my favourite one so far!

It takes a while to see it properly - it's a front-on picture so as if he's facing the screen. You can see his right eye, his little nose, little pursed lips and chubby cheeks! Awww! I think he's so cute!

*Hospital Bags Are Packed! -  I managed to cross this off my to do list last week, both mine and Bean's hospital bags are all done and packed! To see what I packed, click here: Hospital Bag Post!

*Mini Break! - I'm off for a little holiday next week with my Mum & Dad and my two little nieces, we're staying in Torquay for 5 days - I'm looking forward to it as the hotel has a lovely health suite so I'll be able to swim lots which I LOVE doing, I can't wait to see my nieces Amelie & Lottie-Marie as I haven't seen them since Christmas! and I'll also be catching up with my sister and some of my friends from Devon while I'm there, who I'm missing lots!  (I'm scheduling some posts for while I'm away though, you can't get me off your blog feeds that easily! )

Things To Do This Week:

My to do list is getting a bit shorter lately! There's really not much left that we need to buy other than:

*Baby Monitor
*Play Mat
*Bedside Bottle Warmer
*Travel Bottle Warmer
*Crib Mobile

But we probably won't get those things until the end of the month, so really my To Do List for this week is just to reeeelax! :)

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