Thursday, 28 February 2013

Bump Watch: 35 Weeks!

OMG I cannot believe I am 35 weeks along!!!

I am now 3 weeks and 5 days away from my scheduled c-section.

The last two weeks have absolutely flown past so its scary to think how quickly the remainder of the time will go...

Here I am today at 35 weeks pregnant.....

Pregnancy Gripes This Week

*Heartburn - This has been back with a vengeance this week, I bought myself a jumbo packet of Rennie Spearmint a few days ago and I have to physically restrain myself to stop myself munching my way through the whole packet - they are my favourite invention EVER.

*Low Pressure/ Braxton Hicks - I have woken up a few times lately with a feeling of pressure low down in my bump, and I keep getting braxton hicks contractions quite strong - throughout the day it doesn't bother me too much as it passes quickly but I have a tendency to forget that I'm pregnant when I'm asleep and so the feeling scares me when it wakes me up and I realise "Oh yes, I AM pregnant and this could actually be the start of labour!".....

*Constant bathroom trips - I might as well just move in to the bathroom. I no sooner come out and I need to go back in again. But only ever for the most ridiculous little trickles.....

*Waddling - I feel and look like Donald Duck at the moment. The baby's head is waaaay down there and it makes it impossible not to walk like John Wayne. Cringe.

*Gallstones - A new delight!!! After being admitted to hospital last week, I am now on a low fat diet - which was never going to be fun at the best of times but given that I have an insatiable appetite at the moment it just makes it all the more difficult! - and whenever I am naughty and eat the wrong thing, the gallstones flare up and cause me loads of pain. Joy.

*Internal scans - I was sent for a scan yesterday to find out the position of my low lying placenta. What they didn't tell me was that the scan would be a trans-vaginal one - the surprise element when you walk into a room expecting a normal ultrasound and are greeted by a woman with a massive probe is always fun....I was so flustered that when she sent me to take my lower clothing off, I came back with my knickers still on - how embarrasing.

*Ridiculous Hunger - I don't know what on earth is going on but I literally cannot ever stop feeling hungry. Tonight I have eaten three different suppers and I am STILL starving. It's not right and its not ok.

My 35 Week Bump Is Wearing:
*Jumper from Maternity range @ New Look
*Leggings from Select
*Sheepskin boots from EMU Australia

Nice Pregnancy Things This Week

*Scan - Well, the way in which the scan was performed was not an enjoyable experience whatsoever, but getting extra scans is always nice as its fun to see the baby - I didn't get any pictures as he was being awkward and laying side-on, but it was still fun to see him. He was kicking the sonographer a lot and we saw his feet...which look ENORMOUS and I am worried his teeny weeny booties won't fit him!

We also found out that he currently weighs an estimated 5 lbs 2 oz - awwww!

And we also learnt that he has already pushed his head past the placenta and is part engaged - eeeek! Wrong way Bean!

*Seeing my pram - My Mum and Dad are very kindly buying the pram, and they went to pay the balance on it today - I didn't see the whole thing but I did get to have a look at the fabric and the cosy toes and parasol, so I have a mental picture of it in my mind now! (I had originally ordered the grey polka dot design which I have already seen, but changed my mind and ordered the powder blue polka dot instead which I have never actually seen in person!). My mum is very superstitious and won't let us have it in the house yet, so we're picking it up on 18th March :)

*Gift ideas - I have been spending some time browsing online this week for ideas of gifts to buy for my little nieces Amelie (age 5) & Lottie-Marie (Age 3)  from the baby as I think it would be nice for him to give them little "Hello Cousin" gifts when they first meet.  So far I have come across a few cute things, but if anybody has any good ideas let me know!

Things To Do This Week:

*Hospital Tour - Jon & I are going for a tour of the hospital this coming Monday, which is quite exciting as it will be good to see the ward I'll be on and find out more about what we need to have with us etc!

*Appointment with consultant midwife - Not so much looking forward to this one as its basically a conversation about the risks of a c-section, which I have had about 20 times before with various people, but it will at least be nice to get it out of the way!

* Buy a baby monitor and in ear thermometer, and possibly a baby rocker - Have been waiting for Jon's payday to be able to pick these last few things up so it will be nice to have our list of things we need completed! I'm not sure about the baby rocker as we do have a baby swing...but if I see a nice one, we might get one.

Are you expecting too? How have you been feeling?! As always, I'd love to hear from you....

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