Saturday, 2 February 2013

Dressing The Bump!

Today I have noticed that something weird has happened to my bump....

Yesterday it was higher up, squashy/flabby and soft ....

Today it has dropped a lot, "Popped" massively, is enormously round and suddenly rock solid!!


Quite literally "Dressing The Bump!"
Baby outfit by  Tutto Picolo

I was very much in the mood for comfort today, so I just wore a comfy outfit!
Jumper: New Look
Leggings: Select

And I decided it was time Bean Daddy got involved in the blog so I dragged him in for some photos too! He very reluctantly agreed ,hehe!

 Tomorrow we are heading to the Baby & Toddler Show
at the Liverpool Echo Arena - I'm really looking forward to it and will be taking my camera and my little notepad with me so stay tuned for a post all about it on Monday!

If you are interested in going to a baby show, check out my blog tomorrow morning when I will be running a competition offering a reader two tickets to The Baby Show in London!

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