Monday, 11 February 2013

Dressing The Bump

Apologies for a slightly late Dressing The Bump post this week!
I had meant to take pictures yesterday but I ended up having a PJ day and didn't fancy sharing photos of me lounging round in Dumbo PJs with a face mask on ... trust me, I did you all a favour!!

Instead I decided to share with you my ever growing collection of Maternity Slogan t shirts!

I am not usually a fan of t shirts, but in pregnancy they have been such a lifesaver! 

All you really want is comfort, and I find these t shirts have lots of stretch - they're perfect weather-wise as I tend to overheat a LOT and so its easy to just wear them with a cardi and fling it when I get too hot - and paired with leggings or jeggings and a pair of boots, they are SO COMFY!

Tee shirt from New Look
Leggings from Select
Boots from EMU Australia

I also find them to be a good way to get little messages across - this one is particularly effective!!! ;)

My collection currently consists of seven of these slogan tees, with another one currently on order! 

They are available in most Maternity ranges but the vast majority of mine are from New Look - they have different ones all the time and change them to coincide with various holidays - for Christmas I had "Santa Baby" and for Hallowe'en I had "Batty About Baby", all good fun!

These are some of my current favourites:

"My Bump Rocks" - New Look
"I <3 My Bump" - New Look
"Mummy To Be" - New Look
"#Preggers" - New Look
"What's Kickin?" - New look
"Kick Me Baby One More Time!" - Heavenly Bump

What do you think of the Maternity slogan t shirt trend? Have you seen any good ones that I haven't bought yet?!

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