Friday, 1 February 2013

Friday Fives: Battle Wounds!!

Well its time for another Friday Fives post! :)

This week I have decided to count down my Five Pregnancy Battle Wounds....

I am SURE that I have plenty more of these delights to look forward to, particularly once I've actually given birth!, but for now I thought I would share with you some of the physical showings of the pain of pregnancy.....enjoy!! 

1. SNAP!

A lot of pregnant ladies report damage to their hair, particularly after they have given birth, unfortunately I experienced the hair damage almost immediately!
When I was around 8 weeks into the pregnancy, I noticed that I had lost a large chunk of my hair - it seemed to have snapped about an inch from the root in one big segment. 
 I may not have blamed the pregnancy for this, but I remembered that the exact same thing had happened to my sister's hair when she was pregnant - in pretty much exactly the same place!
 I might not have minded this so much if the chunk of hair hadn't been right at the front of my head, right where I part it!!
It looks like a huge cows lick, it has now started to curl and no matter HOW I style my hair there is absolutely no hiding it :( 


If you are needle phobic, pregnancy will not be a fun time for you as you need to have bloods taken quite often - particularly if, like me, you have an underlying medical condition that needs to be monitored.
Luckily I am not at all needle phobic - unluckily for me, I have the worlds deepest and most stubborn veins!
Whenever I need to have bloods taken, it takes approximately 3 nurses approximately five stabs to get any blood out of me!

My last experience involved 2 nurses and 1 doctor - I was stabbed twice in one arm, once in the other, and once in each hand - they eventually got the blood from my arm - this is just one of the five ginormous bruises I was left with afterwards.

And the best part? The labs didn't run the correct tests on the blood and I had to go back and do it all over again! Yay!

3. Claw Marks!

From the pictures below, you would be forgiven for thinking this baby is trying to claw his way out from inside me.....
No, these are marks I have been inflicting on myself while I am asleep.
Part of the problem of a growing tummy is that your skin can only stretch so far....and once it reaches its limit your skin suddenly becomes very itchy and irritated!
No amount of moisturiser seems to calm it down. 
I may have to borrow Bean's scratch mitts.....
(Note: the same problems happens with boobs/nipples but I thought I'd spare you those pictures......)

4. Baby Brain Attack!

People say baby brain does not exist. HA!!!!
This is more of a mental scar than an actual battle wound, but last week I went out shopping and walked around for about an hour before I realised what was on my feet......

My fluffy leopard print topped slippers......CRINGE.

5. Rash Decisions

Another part of baby brain/pregnancy hormones is the sudden desire to go for a radical change....

About 2 months ago, I was at the hairdressers having a routine appointment when I suddenly had the desire to go for such a radical change...

I decided on the spot that it would be a GREAT idea to cut off my very long hair.....

I have had long hair all of my life, it sounds dumb but its what people have always known me always drew so many compliments.
The hairdresser begged me to change my mind and was almost crying when he was chopping it off.....but I was convinced it was a great idea.

My hair ended up shoulder length. I regret it - a LOT.

I miss my hair :*(

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for my weekly Dressing The Bump feature! :)

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