Friday, 15 February 2013

Friday Fives: My Top 5 Celeb Pregnancy Role Models!

Some women in this world seem to take to pregnancy like a duck to water...

They have that "Glow" you hear everybody talk about, they always look immaculate, they carry on with their hectic lives and keep up their exercise regimes, they never complain....

Those people bug the crap out of me.

The worst offenders among this group are celebrities - you see pictures of them sunning themselves on beaches in the South Of France, with their perfect teeny weeny little mini-bumps looking all cute and feminine - and then a week after the birth they're back on the same beach, in the same bikini, with their stomachs once more toned and flat while their perfect Designer Baby lies cooing and content next to them....

Well these women can kiss my massive pregnant behind.....all they do is make me feel bad! Instead, I would like to pay homage to the celebrities that have done pregnancy in a more realistic fashion....the ones who tell it like it is, and don't apologise for it....

Here are my Top 5 Celeb Pregnancy Role Models

1. Pink

You can always rely on Pink to keep it real, and she didn't disappoint during her pregnancy with daughter Willow - Like most pregnant women, Pink experienced crazy pregnancy hormones that resulted in out of control mood swings - her most public display of this was when she got into a fight with a fellow shopper at Bed, Bath & Beyond over a parking space.

Pink said: "I was having fights in supermarkets and telling people to piss off all the time. I’m talking 28 Days Later kind of rage. I wanted to kill everybody.I remember the first time my husband Carey pissed me off during my pregnancy and I bit his head off … his eyes glazed over, he was so scared, but he soon realised this is how it was and he better not say another word."

2. Jessica Simpson

The media really gave Jessica Simpson a hard time throughout her pregnancy over her weight gain. There were rumours of her pregnancy for months before she announced the news, and with each passing week following the announcement Jessica seemed to grow bigger and bigger.


Luckily Jessica took the criticism in her stride...

"It's funny to be at your heaviest and feel the most confident. I just take such pride in being a mom! I just love my body more than ever now" she said...."I had cheesecake for breakfast this morning. Lunch? I had fried chicken."

Personally speaking, I would rather see celebrities like Jessica and Reese Witherspoon who gain weight and allow themselves treats during their pregnancies than the stick-thin-at-8-months-pregnant celebs - if you can't indulge yourself for these 9 months, when can you?!!! Now pass me the cheesecake....

3. Lily Allen

While pregnant with her second daughter Marnie Rose, British pop singer Lily Allen suffered a bout of dizziness and passed out while on a Christmas shopping trip at Harrods.

Lily tweeted about the incident and blamed the fact that she was hungry so treated herself to a ham & cheese toastie to perk herself back up again....

Of course, this in itself isn't anything to be celebrated but it is refreshing to see that even celebrities are not immune these horrible pregnancy side-effects!

4. Christina Applegate

When asked about her thoughts on pregnancy, Christina said: "I love making a person ... but it's hard, they don't tell you everything. They say "It's a miracle of life, you feel like a flower the whole time.".....Bullshit! You feel like a fat ass, you are exhausted..." 

My thoughts exactly Christina.....

5. Wendy Cooper

Ok, ok I cheated slightly - Wendy Cooper isn't a real person. But she is still my personal pregnancy role model!
The character, played by Elizabeth Banks in the movie "What To Expect When You're Expecting", is the perfect portrayal of how pregnancy has felt for me....I will let the following clip speak for itself:

Who are your celebrity pregnancy role models?! Let me know if I've missed anybody! :)

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