Sunday, 24 February 2013

Hospital Stay & Pregnancy Update


Hello All!
Well I'm back from my little trip away to Devon - unfortunately it was much more eventful than I would have liked :(

I ended up being struck down with excruciating stomach pains at about 3 am on Thursday morning, I was violently sick, and just knew something was definitely not right!!!
 My mum thought it was best to phone for an ambulance as I couldn't even stand up with the pain, and being 34 weeks pregnant it was definitely better to be cautious.

The paramedics came and examined me, and decided I needed to be taken to A & E....I was examined there and they were happy that it wasn't anything related to the pregnancy and baby was fine, but they wanted to admit me to find out what the problem was - so I was admitted on to the ante-natal unit.

I wasn't happy about it at all as I have never stayed overnight in hospital before, and as Bean Daddy wasn't with us on the trip it meant I was on my own which I hated, but at least I had my own hospital room with a private bathroom - It could have been worse if I had been on a ward with other people!

I was monitored over night and in the morning the Dr came to see me, and said she suspected gallstones so sent me for a scan....

I fully expected them not to find anything as I really thought I had just picked up a nasty bug or something, but the ultrasound scan did indeed show up gallstones!

The sonographer said that it can be common in pregnancy, and that she's heard lots of women say that gallstone pain is even worse than labour pains - so that made me feel a bit better, at least I know I wasn't being dramatic! The pain was AWFUL!

They kept me in hospital to monitor me for a while, and while I was there the registrar came to see me as she had been reading through my notes and was concerned about my Placenta Previa - she said its not right that nobody has checked exactly HOW low lying my placenta is, and that I should have been warned not to travel such a long distance as bleeding can be a big risk :/

They weren't happy about me travelling home but discharged me and said to take it easy.

They said that if I was under Devon for my hospital care, I would be admitted to hospital at 37 weeks and kept there until my c-section date.....eeeeeek! I don't think Liverpool do it that way and I sort of hope that they don't as I would hate to spend so long in hospital...but it means I've got a lot of chasing up to do this week to try to find out what exactly is going on with the placenta :/

I am still feeling sore and tender, and generally tired but normal posts will resume shortly I promise!

Pregnancy Update

As I didn't get around to doing a 34 week Bump Watch this week, I thought I would do this little pregnancy update instead....

Due date?
4th April 2013 - C Section Scheduled for 26th March 2013

How far along? 
34 Weeks.


Maternity clothes?

I'm loving leggings and jumpers/dresses/long line t shirts as they are so comfortable! And best of all I don't really need maternity specific ones, as just a size bigger than normal fits fine as they are stretchy anyway!

Very hard to get comfortable! Bean likes dancing of a night too, so that makes it difficult to sleep.

Wriggling quite a lot, especially at night time. Movements are definitely getting less vigorous as he is running out of room in there but they do still hurt when he kicks low.

It changes a lot, but this week its been mainly ice for some reason! I love chewing it! I'm also loving anything spearmint flavoured.

Out of breath more than usual, and getting a bit of backache now - also heartburn quite a lot. 

Best moment this week?
This has not been a good week for best moments lol! I did get to do a lot of swimming which always makes me feel a bit better, so I think that.

Miss anything?
My toes!!!! I miss being able to cut and paint my own toenails!

 Anything making you queasy or sick? 
Lots of things! Pizza specifically, also McDonalds/KFC/Any fast food, mashed potatoes....the list goes on!

Labour signs?

Belly button in or out?
In! YAY! One thing I really wanted to avoid was a popped belly button, and so good!

Happy or moody most of the time?
It changes from day to day!

Looking forward to?
Getting things sorted out hopefully! Finding out when my scan is and what the situation with the placenta previa is.

Are you expecting at the moment? How have you been feeling?
Also if you have any experience of gall stones let me know!

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