Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tuesdays Tips: A'kin Hair Masque

A few weeks ago I was sent this hair masque to try and review, I must admit I have never really been a big fan of hair masques - I have tried a few different ones by brands such as Lush and Soap & Glory, and have always found them to be messy and just not really worth the hassle as I have never noticed much of a difference in my hair after using them.

So I wasn't really expecting much out of this product at all and even put off using it for quite a while if I'm honest!

I ended up using it after a hair appointment I had to have my highlights done before I went away last week ended up falling through, and I was disappointed to have to go on holiday with bad roots and messy-feeling hair - I knew I had this product sitting there on the shelf and thought I might as well try it, as you never know!

A'kin are an Australian company who specialise in producing Vegan-friendly, sulphate-free and animal-friendly hair products.

The Hair Masque contains pure Australian jojoba, organic avacado oils, ginkgo and white tea, wheat protein, and vitamins E and B5.

It promises to "Leave hair feeling smooth and manageable, looking healthy and shiny with fewer split ends".

The masque is quite a thick consistency, which meant it wasn't too messy to use - it didn't drip everywhere and it was pretty easy to coat my hair with it.

It also didn't have a very potent scent when applying.

The hair masque on my hand

The directions on the bottle tell you to wash your hair as normal with shampoo and conditioner, towel dry and then apply a generous amount of the Hair Masque and massage into hair and scalp.

You are advised to leave the masque on for at least 5 minutes, or for an intensive treatment leave 30 minutes or even overnight.

As I was in a bit of a hurry, I left it on for around 8 minutes.
You then rinse thoroughly and style as normal.

My hair after using the hair masque

I have to say - I was VERY pleasantly surprised with the result!

My hair felt much sleeker than usual - since pregnancy I have really struggled with fly away hair and frizziness but this was not the case at all after using the masque. 

I felt like my hair was REALLY squeaky clean, and the colour/roots even seemed to look much lighter than they had done before use - my hair had a lovely shine to it and the ends looked much much healthier!

My favourite thing was the smell of my hair - as I have mentioned, pregnancy has made me into a scent-friend and I find myself sniffing away at everything lately - my hair smelt AMAZING after using the hair masque, I couldn't stop sniffing it!!

I have used the masque again since and been equally impressed, I have approximately two applications left in the bottle so for hair my length I would say it lasts for about 4 uses - next time I think I will try using it overnight to see how the results differ.

I will 100% be re-purchashing this once my bottle has run out.

 A'kin Hair Masque is available from http://www.mypure.co.uk and the RRP is £10.50 for a 150ml bottle.

Have you ever tried this product? I'd love to hear what you think!

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