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What's In My Hospital Bag?!

So we've all seen the What's In My Bag posts that are ever popular among the beauty and fashion bloggers communities, so I thought "Why not do a what's in my hospital bag?" post!

The packing of hospital bags and when to do this seems to be a real bone of contention among pregnant ladies I know - it seems that everybody has an opinion on when they should be packed!

If you have it packed too early, you're tempting fate!! If you dare to reach 30 weeks (a whole TEN weeks away from your due date!) then OMG what are you thinking?! What WILL you do if you go into labour?! 

The whole thing seems quite ridiculous really considering that labour can take a bloody long time, I'm sure if you were to go into labour before your hospital bag was packed you would have time to throw what you really needed into a bag before heading off - particularly with a first baby. 

But anyway, me being slightly OCD - I decided it was best to just get it done, so tonight I set about getting mine packed.

There are still one or two little tiny things I need to add which I plan to pick up tomorrow....but the general gist of it is here!

The first problem I faced was deciding what bag to take!

I ideally wanted something big enough to fit both mine and Beans things in but that proved a bit too difficult - so instead I decided to use a small suitcase for Bean's things, and treat myself to a nice new oversized handbag for my things!

I found this one in New Look and it was PERFECT!

It was just the right size, and it has wheels and a little pull along handle too! Ideal!!

And for £39.99 I thought it was a decent enough price as I will definitely get use out of it in the future for trips away, etc!

The leopard print design is actually much more subtle than it looks on these photos, the flash has made it seem much more apparent than it actually is!

So.....what's in the bag?!

*My hospital notes...probably the most important thing to remember!
*2 Bath Towels (Dark ones! I have been advised against white for obvious reasons!....)
*3 pairs of socks
*Loose fitting nighties - I only have 2 in there at the moment, but will be adding another 2 in as I am having a c section so will be in hospital for a bit longer
*2 packs of Maternity pads
*A pack of breast pads for all the leakage that will occur! Lovely!
*A book...for when baby is asleep and I am bored!
*My mobile phone and charger
*My ipod and headphones
*A mini bottle of perfume and some body spray
*Hand sanitizer
*Face wipes
*Toothbrush and case to keep it in
*Mini mouthwash
*Dry shampoo (I may not be allowed to use products in the shower for a few days, so will want to spruce my hair up!)
* Packet of tissues
*Purse with lots of change for drink/snack machines and the phone!
*Glasses - I ALWAYS forget my glasses and want to make sure I can actually SEE the baby!
*Make Up - I know there will be lots of picture taking and I won't to be on them if I don't have my make up with me!
*My pregnancy journal - there are sections to write about the birth, and the hospital visitors etc - I know I will forget what happened if I don't write it down right away and this will give me something to do if I can't sleep!

Things not pictured that I still need to add:

*A flannel/face cloth
*Soap and possibly some shower gel just incase I'm allowed to use it
*Underwear - I plan on picking lots of big stretchy granny pants!
*Small hairbrush
*Packet of hair bobbles
*My Camera and charger - couldn't include them as I was using them to take the pic! :)
*My coming home outfit - I have no idea what to take with me yet so will add this in probably very last minute!

Bean's Bag

*20 Nappies (Someone can always bring me more as we don't live far from the hospital but I don't want to be overloaded with things!)
*Pack of H20 Water Wipes which are suitable for use from birth - MUCH handier than cotton wool and water!!!
*A cellular blanket
*6 vests
*2 hats
*2 pairs of scratch mitts
*6 sleepsuits (some tiny, some slightly bigger)
*Coming home outfit

Things not pictured that I still need to add:

*Nappy bags
*Coat for coming home
*Cartons of formula
*possibly cot sheets and bottles - need to find out hospital policy and what they provide!

So...can you think of anything I've missed out? Any tips for me? :)

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  1. What a great post idea! Love the baby's coming home outfit :) Something I found great and I can tell you you will be grateful for if you don't need a c-section is this I can't recommend it enough!

    1. Aww thanks! :) It was hard to choose a coming home outfit but I wanted something blue and something warm hehe!
      Ooh I've never heard of that! I am definitely having a section unless I go into labour early (in which case I won't have time to order one!) but I know a lot of girls I chat to on baby forums will be interested in that, so I'll def share! :)


  2. I know it sounds incredibly vain, but one of the things I was most grateful to have in my hospital bag was a little mirror. I found the only ones on the ward were in the bathrooms and I didn't want to have to walk all the way there just to check I didn't look bonkers! People kept turning up and wanting to take our picture so I wanted to make sure I looked ok!

    The other thing I found useful was a pair of flip flops. When I had my first daughter I overheard a nurse advising a lady to do her first post-birth wee in the shower as it would sting less. There's no way I was chancing standing in a pool of wee, ugh!

    Well done for getting your packing started! I think it takes quite a while to organise a hospital bag.

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. Lol! That doesn't sound vain at all! I have mirrors in my make up compacts which I will have with me, otherwise I would definitely be bringing one with me!

      Thanks for the tips! :) xxx

  3. Fab post! Love the bag, I finally got around to packing my bag properly at the weekend so I'll put my blog post up soon :) xx

    Beauty by Emma

    1. Thanks! :) Nice excuse for a nice new bag, isn't it?! hehe.
      Looking forward to seeing your post!

  4. I was totally unprepared last time I gave birth - my hospital bag was packed but I went without it haha. I think you've covered all the essentials. I have my Origins Overnight Face Mask and a bottle of Caudalie (sp?) Beauty Elixir in mine as I remember my face feeling horrible and sweaty last time and definitely don't want to feel that again!

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. lol oh dear!! Yeah my mum suggested taking some creams etc, I didn't think I'd have time for it but maybe I'll stick a few in just incase!!


  5. I don't think you need to worry about taking bottles, formula or cot sheets the hospital supply them all ( well they did where I was). I bet your so excited, I know I was!!! Good luck with everything :) xxxx

    1. I think the hospital provide the cot sheets and bottles but will double check as my Mum doesn't think so!
      They don't provide formula any more though, the midwife has already warned me that they ask everyone to bring in their own ready-made cartons of formula now.
      Thanks! :) xxx

  6. Fab post hunnie, I cannot wait lol xx

  7. Hi Hayley, I hope you're well. I've been in bed with the flu and a UTI for the past week so have decided to get my butt back into gear with my blog as it's been neglected I just haven't had the energy to want to do anything! (feeling sorry for myself too!!)

    This post is great, and I shall be taking tips from this when packing my hospital bag (btw I love the bag!!) I was completely unprepared when I had Abi as she was 5 weeks early and I had nothing packed but this time I shall pack at least 2 months before I know its a bit extreme but they told me this one could be early too....eeeek!!!
    I shall be catching up on your great posts today :)

    Emily xxx

    1. Hi Emily! :)

      Aww no that sounds awful!!! I don't blame you feeling sorry for yourself, as if being pregnant isn't hard enough without all of that thrown in!
      I hope you feel better soon. Have missed your blog posts!

      Wow 5 weeks early!! Do they say why they think you might go early? Def good to be prepared, you never know! :)


  8. I had bleeding when I was pregnant with Abi the whole way through, no bleeding with this one but they said because she was early there is a higher risk, fingers crossed it will come on time and not too early!! Having to have regular measurements on my Cervix (lovely!!!) to check that its not getting shorter throughout the pregnancy! Blimey these things us women have to go through, Men wouldn't be able to cope!!!xx

    1. Oh no, that sounds awful! :/ I know, its shocking how hard pregnancy can be with all the different complications isn't it?!
      Men don't know how lucky they are lol xxx

  9. Where did you get the water wipes from?
    Alex xo

    1. I was sent two packets to try by the company who make them :)
      But you can get them from Amazon, Ocado, and a few other places.
      I actually have a reader discount code for them - have a look at this post:



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