Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Bean's Arrival: Today Is The Day!

  Oh my god! 

Today is 26th March 2013 - which means - its the day that Bean Daddy and I have been referring to for the last 9 months as.....BEAN DAY!

Today I am having my c-section and Bean is joining us in the world.

As you have probably guessed, this post is pre-scheduled - I knew I wouldn't have time to actually post on the day but I wanted to have something written to mark the occasion.

I am to arrive at the Liverpool Womens Hospital at 7.30 am, and from there on - I am not too sure what to expect really! 

All I know is that at some point today, they will be taking me into theatre and performing the procedure.

Bean Daddy will be going in with me, and Bean Nanny & Gagand will also be at the hospital....

My sister and my two nieces will be impatiently waiting at home for news, and will be hopefully coming in to visit me and meet Bean later on in the day assuming that all runs smoothly.

I have NO idea what time to expect the procedure to take place as they don't give time slots at this hospital anymore, there will most likely to be 2 or 3 people arriving at the same time as me and we will then be told what order we will be going in and it will of course depend on any emergency cases that may go before us.

I have been told to expect to be in hospital for anything from 1 day (!!) to 3 days if my recovery is going well, possibly slightly longer if there are any complications.

So I am hoping to be home by Friday *fingers crossed*.

I will be posting a birth announcement and photo as soon as I possibly can via Facebook and Twitter, assuming there is WiFi at the hospital! But I will wait until my immediate family have met him first.

As for my blog - well I will be taking a few weeks away to recover and to get used to playing Mummy!

I have some lovely Guest Posters who will be featuring on my blog while I'm away, so please do keep reading and commenting as you may well find some lovely new blogs to follow! :)

I have also scheduled a few posts from myself mixed in there among the guest posts - I should be resuming normal blogging service around 9th April, as I think 2 weeks should be plenty of time for me to be able to start getting back into the swing of things! :)

I will try to come on in the meantime though and post a birth announcement here, and I will also be trying my absolute best to get online to announce the winner of the New Look Giftcard giveaway - I will try my best to do that on the 2nd April, but if I am slightly behind schedule you will have to forgive me! ;)

Wish us luck everybody!!! :)

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