Monday, 11 March 2013

Beautiful Blogger Award

The very lovely Rachel from BeautyQueenUK has very kindly nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award!

Rachel's blog is full of fabulous reviews of all kinds of products - from beauty products to home & lifestyle items, her reviews are detailed and concise and well worth a look!

To get this award I have to do 7 things:

   1)  Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post. (done!)
   2)  Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. (done!)
   3)  Tell us 7 things about yourself. (See Below)
   4)  Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award, and comment on their blogs to let them know.

Seven Things About Me!

1. I'll only eat cereal with hot milk - I didn't realise this was unusual until I left home!

2. I never ever iron my clothes...I don't actually own an iron! 

3. I run a children's party business - I plan the parties and do the entertainment - we do Princess Parties, Pirate parties, Fairy tea parties, Teddys Bears Picnic parties and Peppa Pig Parties (for which I dress up as a 7 foot Peppa Pig!)

4. I read tarot cards and do clairvoyant readings - I've been reading cards since I was 12, but only started doing readings for strangers about a year ago. It freaks me out a bit but its interesting!

5. I believe in fairies - I know its childish, but I don't care! Being a grown up is over-rated. 

6. I'm terrified of rollercoasters and won't go on any rides that go upside-down - but I LOVE going to fairgrounds anyway, just to walk around and eat candy floss and hot dogs!

7.  I cry when people win at game shows - I don't know why, I think I just get caught up in the emotion/excitement and I'm so happy for the people that I just burst into tears lol.

Onto my Nominations now... 

1.  First up we have Emily -  she is a lovely lovely person who blogs about all things beauty & mummy related - she is already mummy to a gorgeous little girl and has another baby on the way!  - her blog is

2. Next comes Emma,  who is due to give birth literally any day now (come on baby!!!) and blogs about beauty & lifestyle - I love her Mummy Mondays feature, and she's also just generally lovely! -

3. Next up is Louise, who has a fab blog all about beauty products and is an all round lovely person - she has a lovely little girl and is pregnant with a baby boy! - her blog is

4.  Alex is next and she is another first time mummy-to-be - I love her blog, it is written to her unborn son and is so cute and touching  -

5. Next is Jenna -  she is a good friend of mine and is a new blogger and writes reviews on all kinds of things, from make up to restaurants!  -

6. Then we have Claire who you can find here -  she is another new blogger who writes lifestyle posts about everything from face masks to driving lessons, and all kinds in between! 

7. Finally we have Victoria - I have recently discovered Victorias blog and really enjoy her account of life as a busy mum of 3! - her blog is

I nominated these as they are some of my favourite blogs, and I hope you will all go and check them out! :)

Have you entered my competition to win a £150 New Look Giftcard, £75 worth of  beauty products and the chance to win an additional MYSTERY prize?!

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