Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Beauty Wednesdays: Eye Candy False Nails from

During pregnancy, one of two things will happen to your nails...

Either they will thrive and be lovely, long and strong...or they will Perish! They will be brittle, break easily and look generally rubbish.

Guess which category I fall into?!

So a real saviour for me has been using false nails - as I find that wearing them gives my own nails a chance to grow without me picking and nibbling away at them, meaning they end up longer and stronger.

Unfortunately the selection of False nails in shops can be pretty rubbish if you don't want to buy OTT designs ...and the glue that comes with them can also be pretty poor quality.

So when I was offered the chance to review the Oh Beauty website recently and asked to choose two items to try....I immediately went for the Eye Candy False Nails!
I chose the 50's Style French Manicure design.

When they arrived, the first thing I noticed was the packaging - simple but pretty, with very informative instructions on the back of how to apply.

The nails themselves looked perfect - not too long and fake looking, but not too short either.

I also chose an Eye Candy nail varnish, which I have never tried before, I opted for the Peppermint Dream colour as I don't have any nail varnishes in blue shades and I thought it'd be nice for when Baby Sparkle arrives as it means my nails can match all of his little blue outfits, hehe!
I applied the false nails tonight, and I was really impressed!

It only took me around 5 minutes from start to finish - it really couldn't be easier, you just go through the nails and find the sizes you want to use (I find it helps to lay them out in order, ready to use) - open the glue (even this step is easier than usual as Eye Candy provide a really handy little tool to open the glue with!) 

You then apply a bit to the back of nail and spread it with the glue nozzle - apply a tiny bit of glue to your own natural nail - stick the nail, hold and press in place for a few seconds and voila! Job done!!!!

It couldn't be any simpler!

I have had the nails on for a full 24 hours now and I have yet to loose any - even after a day of shopping, blogging, and taking a long soak in the bath - so far, so good!!

Eye Candy False Nails are priced at £4.99 from - I really can't recommend this website highly enough as they sell some great products at low prices including Katy Perry false eyelashes, nail polishes, and Fake Bake tanning products!

Plus first class delivery is FREE within the UK!

I have yet to try the nail varnish, but will reviewing this in the coming days!

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