Thursday, 7 March 2013

Bump Watch: 36 Weeks!

Can you believe it?! I am now 36 weeks along!!!

Only TWO more Bump Watch updates to go until my c-section!!! Eeeek!

My 36 Week Bump Is Wearing:
Leopard Print Maxi Dress from New Look
Black cardigan from New Look

Pregnancy Gripes This Week

*Sleeping - It is beyond impossible to get comfortable. I need an actual crane to be able to hoist myself up and change positions during the night. And when I do eventually get to sleep - I have the craziest dreams ever.
 I am then woken up by the constant need to wee every half an hour or so, my hips hurt if I lay on one side for more than an hour, and I am usually woken up by a strange "tapping" sensation on my thigh - which I eventually realise is Bean giving me his "Wake Up!" knock through the bump, which is touching my leg as I'm curled up. Cheeky little bugger.

*Waddling -  Yes, more waddling this week. I've developed a weird kind of fluid movement to make it easier to walk, and I have to hold on to the bottom of the bump too or else it feels like the baby is going to fall out of me - so now I don't look so much like Donald Duck crossed with John Wayne anymore (good news) - but I do look like Mr Soft (not so good news)....

*Rubbish Hospital Tour - The hospital tour I was looking forward to was a waste of an hour. It was basically an hours worth of 20 people trying to cram into lots of teeny weeny little rooms and look at various beds - none of it was relevant to me as I am having a c-section and will be on a different ward, which they didn't show us.  
They seemed to spend most of the time trying to upsell the birthing pool, which I would have no interest in even if I COULD use it (which I can't) - the birthing pool was rather odd, as other than the pool it also had a purple mattress on the floor covered with "funky" pillows and a spinning disco ball above it.....

Really - a disco ball?! Of all the things in the whole wide world that I might possibly want while squeezing a human being out of my vagina, a disco ball is most likely the very last thing on the list......

*Pain - Just general pain! Back pain, leg pain, foot pain, pain in the lower bump.....Just PAIN!

*Feeling Faint - I discovered during the hour long hospital tour that I am no longer very good at being upright for long periods of time. I need chairs...a lot. I need air, and I need hydration constantly. Otherwise I feel like I'm going to flake out. It happened again this week when I was shopping - HOW cruel?! I can't even SHOP!

Nice Pregnancy Things This Week

* Days Out - This week I had some nice days out, my favourite being a trip to the new Central Perk cafe in Liverpool with my mum!
 FRIENDS is one of my all time favourite TV shows so I was SO excited when I heard that Central Perk had opened up in Liverpool!
The cafe is pretty much an exact replica of the set from FRIENDS, they even do a Finding Phoebe open mic night!, and next door is Tribbiani's Pizza Parlour! I'm planning on going back with my sister the day before the c-section - I'll need something to take my mind off the operation!!!

*Browsing for Easter Outfits - I've been browsing around the shops and online for a cute little Easter outfit for Bean. Its nice knowing he'll definitely be here in time for Easter as it means I can be prepared! I'm looking for either something yellow or a cute little old fashioned Sailor suit!! 

*Pizza! - As I've mentioned, I've gone off LOADS of food during the pregnancy - but thankfully I seem to be able to eat pizza again! YAY! So I celebrated with a slice the size of my face.....

*Pregnancy Massage - I was originally supposed to have a pregnancy massage a few weeks ago, but it ended up falling through - but I'm booked in for one on Friday and I am SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!!!!

Things To Do This Week

* 36 week Midwife appointment - This will probably be the last midwife appointment before the birth, which is good as I hate the community centre I have to go to for them!! It will be nice to get the last appointment over and done with!

*Schedule a hair appointment - I want to have my highlights done before the baby arrives to make sure that I look as ok as possible on the thousands of photos that will be taken after the birth, so I need to make an appointment for sometime next week! 

Are you expecting too? How have you been feeling this week? 

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  1. OOh getting close now hun, I can't wait to meet Bean, well see a photo lol... I have entered your giveaway xx

  2. The disco ball comment made me laugh SO hard!

    1. Lol! I just won't ever understand it, who on earth decided a disco ball was a great idea for a woman in labour?!

  3. Haha @ the disco ball!And Yay for pizza again! Ooo let me know how the pregnancy massage goes please, as I am thunking about getting one. I'm also getting highlights very soon for the exact same reasons as you - the millions of photos afterwards :P

    The end is in sight for you now!!

    Bump to Baby

    1. Lol! I will do, I'm sooooo looking forward to it! :)

      I close! eeek!


  4. Oh its so close now, how come you're having a c-section though? (sorry to be nosy)! I cant wait until I can eat pizza again, im in my 33rd week now and starting to get very tired, very easily! :( Napping in the day helps but if i'm out and about i get so tired. No waddling yet though as i'm still quite small with only a 29cm measure on my bump!!


    1. I have a medical disorder which can be quite dangerous in labour (Graves Disease).
      Aww 33 weeks is when it starts to get hard!! :/
      ooh are you they doing a growth scan then?
      They usually only let you go 3 cms under on fundal measurements before they check up on baby!

  5. The Disco Ball thing seems a bit odd to me. We haven't been offered a tour of the hospital where we're having our little man yet. They've also never mentioned pain relief or a birth plan ... things I MUST remember to ask about when I next have a midwife appointment.

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. Aww I've heard lots of people on Baby & Bump say that nobody has discussed the birth or pain relief with them either - and they are all 37 weeks along!!
      Have you been offered any classes? We went to an active birth one and they discussed pain relief a lot there.

      I think some hospitals don't offer the tours coz of the norovirus etc :/ I know ours wasn't doing it until recently.

    2. At least it's not only me then lol. When I had Stacey one of the first things my midwife asked me about was pain relief and my birth plan. I didn't get offered any classes though and I haven't been offered any this time either. I'm not too bothered but I think Nathan wanted to experience them (why? lol).xx

  6. Ha! A disco ball? Strange...

    So exciting, no time at all now! You look lovely by the way xx

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  7. Good Luck! you look gorgeous by the way! I am a new follower :D beautyqueenuk nominated us both so thought I would check your blog out.

    Would love for you to check mine out too :D x

  8. You're a beautiful mom! Congrats

    Fashionable Eyeglasses Giveaway:


  9. Love the leopard print maxi dress! You look gorgeous :) Loved the disco ball comments, it'd be like giving birth in a nightclub, so weird! I'm the same as you with sleeping hence the fact that I'm writing this comment at 3.15am as I've given up on sleep tonight :( not long to go now though for both of us :) exciting! xxx

    Beauty by Emma - Beauty, Mummy & Lifestyle Blog


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