Thursday, 7 March 2013

Bump Watch: 36 Weeks!

Can you believe it?! I am now 36 weeks along!!!

Only TWO more Bump Watch updates to go until my c-section!!! Eeeek!

My 36 Week Bump Is Wearing:
Leopard Print Maxi Dress from New Look
Black cardigan from New Look

Pregnancy Gripes This Week

*Sleeping - It is beyond impossible to get comfortable. I need an actual crane to be able to hoist myself up and change positions during the night. And when I do eventually get to sleep - I have the craziest dreams ever.
 I am then woken up by the constant need to wee every half an hour or so, my hips hurt if I lay on one side for more than an hour, and I am usually woken up by a strange "tapping" sensation on my thigh - which I eventually realise is Bean giving me his "Wake Up!" knock through the bump, which is touching my leg as I'm curled up. Cheeky little bugger.

*Waddling -  Yes, more waddling this week. I've developed a weird kind of fluid movement to make it easier to walk, and I have to hold on to the bottom of the bump too or else it feels like the baby is going to fall out of me - so now I don't look so much like Donald Duck crossed with John Wayne anymore (good news) - but I do look like Mr Soft (not so good news)....

*Rubbish Hospital Tour - The hospital tour I was looking forward to was a waste of an hour. It was basically an hours worth of 20 people trying to cram into lots of teeny weeny little rooms and look at various beds - none of it was relevant to me as I am having a c-section and will be on a different ward, which they didn't show us.  
They seemed to spend most of the time trying to upsell the birthing pool, which I would have no interest in even if I COULD use it (which I can't) - the birthing pool was rather odd, as other than the pool it also had a purple mattress on the floor covered with "funky" pillows and a spinning disco ball above it.....

Really - a disco ball?! Of all the things in the whole wide world that I might possibly want while squeezing a human being out of my vagina, a disco ball is most likely the very last thing on the list......

*Pain - Just general pain! Back pain, leg pain, foot pain, pain in the lower bump.....Just PAIN!

*Feeling Faint - I discovered during the hour long hospital tour that I am no longer very good at being upright for long periods of time. I need chairs...a lot. I need air, and I need hydration constantly. Otherwise I feel like I'm going to flake out. It happened again this week when I was shopping - HOW cruel?! I can't even SHOP!

Nice Pregnancy Things This Week

* Days Out - This week I had some nice days out, my favourite being a trip to the new Central Perk cafe in Liverpool with my mum!
 FRIENDS is one of my all time favourite TV shows so I was SO excited when I heard that Central Perk had opened up in Liverpool!
The cafe is pretty much an exact replica of the set from FRIENDS, they even do a Finding Phoebe open mic night!, and next door is Tribbiani's Pizza Parlour! I'm planning on going back with my sister the day before the c-section - I'll need something to take my mind off the operation!!!

*Browsing for Easter Outfits - I've been browsing around the shops and online for a cute little Easter outfit for Bean. Its nice knowing he'll definitely be here in time for Easter as it means I can be prepared! I'm looking for either something yellow or a cute little old fashioned Sailor suit!! 

*Pizza! - As I've mentioned, I've gone off LOADS of food during the pregnancy - but thankfully I seem to be able to eat pizza again! YAY! So I celebrated with a slice the size of my face.....

*Pregnancy Massage - I was originally supposed to have a pregnancy massage a few weeks ago, but it ended up falling through - but I'm booked in for one on Friday and I am SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!!!!

Things To Do This Week

* 36 week Midwife appointment - This will probably be the last midwife appointment before the birth, which is good as I hate the community centre I have to go to for them!! It will be nice to get the last appointment over and done with!

*Schedule a hair appointment - I want to have my highlights done before the baby arrives to make sure that I look as ok as possible on the thousands of photos that will be taken after the birth, so I need to make an appointment for sometime next week! 

Are you expecting too? How have you been feeling this week? 

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