Thursday, 14 March 2013

Bump Watch: 37 Weeks!

So today I finally reached 37 weeks!

This means that if Bean was born any point from now, he would not be considered premature as I am now "full term"!

How exciting!
This is also my penultimate Bump Watch post - eeek!

Pregnancy Gripes This Week:

*Pain - I have still been getting pain in my lower bump whenever I stand up/walk around. It just feels generally very heavy!

*Breathlessness - This has become a real pain this week! Its become much worse than before, I find myself out of breath just walking to the kitchen!

*Grumpiness - I just feel generally down in the dumps and grumpy this week. Meh.

*Inability to finish meals - I'm hungry ALL the time but I don't seem to ever be able to finish a meal. This morning I could only eat half a bowl of cereal as I suddenly felt ridiculously full up. Boo!

Nice Pregnancy Things This Week:

*Sleep - for some reason, I have been sleeping SO much better for the past few nights!! I have been using the Cussons Room Spray from the Bump range so I'm wondering if thats why, but I have been dropping off easily and sleeping like a baby! I still have to get up 2 or 3 times a night for trips to the loo but other than that, sleep has been amazing!!

*Nice times with Bean Daddy - This week Bean Daddy are having our last week alone before the baby arrives, so we have been making an effort to do lots of fun things together like going out for meals and trips out etc.
It has been very nice to enjoy the time together, and we went for one particularly lovely meal at Pesto restaurant which was deeeeelish!

*Last midwife appointment - Had my final midwife appointment yesterday. My bump is measuring 36 weeks but apparently thats nothing to worry about. Baby is in a good position and his heartbeat is nice and strong. Everything is all good to go for the c section, and thats that! SO I never have to go back to the horrible community centre again...yippee!!

Things To Do This Week:

*Make hair appointment for next week
*Try to get hold of Vicar to book Christening
*Pick up some Windeeze for hospital bag
*Order gifts for Bean's cousins for when he arrives
*Buy Bean an Easter gift
*Order Snuza Go Alarm and In Ear Thermometer
*Buy ready made bottles for hospital
*Buy Bedside bottle warmer
*Decide on Baby Monitor and buy one

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