Saturday, 9 March 2013

Dressing The Bump: Post-Bump Outfits!

So lately I've been thinking about what to wear for coming home from the hospital and in the days following...

As I have mentioned, I'm having a scheduled c-section - so I know that I'll be staying in hospital for around 3 or 4 days afterwards.

I also know that I will be coming home with a scar which will probably be tender and painful, and so I will want to be wearing things that are loose fitting, comfortable and don't rest on the scar.

I also know that I will probably be feeling sore, tired and grumpy and will not be wanting to make much effort with my appearance.

However - I want to FORCE myself to make a bit of an effort, for two reasons.

Coming Home Outfit

1) I know a lot of people don't seem to worry about what they wear when coming home from the hospital, but I know that when I am leaving the hospital - there will be lots of photos taken by Bean Daddy and the Grandparents!! And I will have to live with these photos for the rest of my life!
 We have a lovely, super cute little outfit all planned out for Bean to come home in - so it seems silly to me to put so much effort into what the baby will wear to come home and have me looking like a scruff bag holding him!!

So I wanted to choose an outfit to come home in that is very comfortable, easy to wear, and will make it possible for me to look halfway decent on photos with minimal effort.....

Here is the outfit I have settled on:

Maxi Dress from New Look
Cardigan from New Look
Hair accessory from New Look

I think this outfit achieves all of the above - it is loose fitting and easy to wear. No fuss, but still looks like I've made an effort and should photograph well.

The dress is from the standard range, as I don't want to buy anything Maternity that I'm not going to get any wear out of - but because of the style of the dress, it fits me now and will still fit me even once I have lost baby weight as its supposed to be loose fitting anyway!

Easter Outfit

2) As my c section is scheduled for 26th March - I will most likely be coming home on either Good Friday or the saturday - meaning I will be home for Easter Sunday and Monday.
 We are thinking its quite likely that we'll have some family visiting over Easter - as we often see family for Easter anyway and the fact that there is a new baby there will just entice them to come over more!
I won't want to look a mess if we have visitors - particularly as its Easter and in my family, its the done thing to have nice new clothes on for Easter and look our best!
So again - I wanted to make sure I had something easy to wear, comfortable, minimal effort and fuss but still looks like I've tried a bit and fits in with the Easter theme (navy!)

Here is the outfit I have chosen (bear in mind the baby bump should at least be less-rounded by then as the baby will be out!):

Maxi dress from New Look

I still need to find a little shrug cardigan to go with this dress, and probably some navy or cream ballet pumps to wear with it...

Again, the dress is loose fitting and very comfortable but looks like I have tried and the colours fit in well with the Sailor Dress tradition for Easter.

AND it will match what I plan on dressing Bean in for Easter...I found his Easter outfit this week cute?!

Sailor baby suit by Tutto Piccolo - £19.99

I can't wait to see him wearing it!

I  also picked up a few more Post-Baby outfits this week - as it dawned on me that since moving to Liverpool, I only brought my Maternity clothes with me - all my normal clothes are in storage back in Devon! I know my maternity clothes will still fit me for a while (We plan to move back to Devon about 6 weeks after baby is born anyway) but the fact that most of them are Maternity-related slogan tees means I won't be able to wear them! Oops!!

So I hit the New Look sale and kitted myself out with some nice non-maternity but still loose-fitting and comfortable outfits - I will post those on next weeks Dressing The Bump! 

Do you usually dress up for Easter? What did you wear for coming home after giving birth?

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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