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Friday Fives: Easter Gift Guide!

I LOVE Easter.

Chocolate, family get togethers, a nice Roast dinner, organising an Egg Hunt for the kids, even Easter decorations - what's not to love?!!

This Easter looks like being a bit of a different one of course, with the weather as it is currently - I don't think I remember having a snowy Easter before?!

But with Bean due to arrive so close to Easter, I wanted to be very organised this year and so have spent a lot of time looking into Easter Gift Ideas and I thought I'd share them with you! :)

1. The Best Of The Eggs!

I was very kindly sent a few different kinds of Easter Eggs to sample this year, and thought I would share some of my top choices!

Elizabeth Shaw have a wide variety of eggs available this year which are a bit out of the ordinary, my particular favourite was the Small Sharing Crisp Egg - this contains a really delicious creamy milk chocolate egg, and 16 chocolate discs in flavours including Butterscotch Crisp, Caramel Crisp, Cocoa Crunch or Honeycomb Crisp.
I really enjoyed the little chocolates as it was nice to have a mix of flavours - my only complaint?! Is the name! I'm NOT sharing it!!! :D

This egg is priced at just £5.99 which I think is a real bargain for a high quality egg!

Now Cadbury's is a name in Easter Eggs that you really can't go wrong with! EVERYBODY knows how amazing Cadburys chocolate is, and Dairy Milk is one of my absolute favourites so I was very pleased when I received this load of goodies!

The Cadburys Dairy Milk Egg is just BLISS! It is HUGE and it contains 3 bars of Dairy Milk! Bean Daddy has already requested this as an Easter Gift, but I will have to buy another one - as the one I was sent has erm....all gone :D

We also had a lot of fun trying the Egg n Spoon's we were sent - yes yes, I'm sure they're aimed at children but we didnt care! We happily sat and tucked into them together - they were really yummy and so much fun to eat! Kids would LOVE the appeal of "peeling the egg", breaking off the top and eating the insides first before polishing off the chocolate shell. These would make an ideal extra little treat among Easter Goodies for kids!
We were also sent the Easter Egg Trail Pack - I buy one of these every year as I always do an Easter Egg Hunt in the garden for my nieces, and these packs are perfect! You get 10 little chocolate eggs wrapped in nice bright paper, and you get a pack of Mini Eggs - whoever finds the packet of Mini Eggs is the winner! (I can't do that though - I buy an extra packet of Mini Eggs to hide so that they're both the winner lol)

I have a real weakness for Guylian seashell chocolates, so I was really excited to try this egg out!
The pack contains a milk chocolate egg, and a packet of Guylian Luxury Belgian Chocolates - HEAVEN!!!!!

The egg itself was absolutley deeeeelish but I have been good and am saving the yummy chocolates for Easter!

The egg retails at £10.99 and is available from

2. A Healthier Easter Gift!

We all know somebody who is dieting or just wanting to make healthier choices over Easter, so buying a gift for them can be slightly more challenging as everything is geared toward scrummy food!

I think these Easter themed candles from Potters Crouch Candles are a perfect gift!

They are British made, and each one is hand mixed, hand poured and hand labelled. 

The Candles burn for approximately 50 hours each, and the tin is designed to warm with the candle and help to "throw" the fragrance around the room.

The candles arrived very well boxed and even included a little bar of Divine chocolate, which I thought was a lovely touch!

I received the scents:

Daffodils & Narcissus
Hyacinths & Bluebells
French Lilac.

I LOVED the pretty glittery crystal chunks that were on top of each candle when I opened it, they really just give them that extra touch to make them feel really special!

My favourite is definitely the Hyacinths & Bluebells candle - the smell is just gorgeous!
These candles retail at £8.50 each and are available from

3. Say It With Cheesecake!

If you, like me, are a fan of cakes and muffins you will LOVE the Easter Cheesecake Cupcake range from the AMAZING cheesecake masters The English Cheesecake Co.

I had tried their cheesecakes a few years ago at a friends birthday party, and fell in love with them then - they are absolutely out of this world!

So I was THRILLED when I was asked to sample their  new Easter cupcake range.

The cupcakes are moist chocolate cupcakes, filled with cheesecake and topped with delicious cheesecake frosting - there are then a variety of extra toppings to choose from, including Cream Eggs and Mini Eggs with sprinkles of Chocolate Flake!

The cupcakes are available in either chocolate or vanilla frosting, and can be purchased in boxes of 8 or 12.

They are delivered frozen, and take approximately two hours to defrost.

Bean Daddy & I really enjoyed tucking into these - they are absolutely scrumptious and we are really struggling to keep the rest frozen until Easter Weekend!! 

A box of 8 Cupcakes is priced at £30.00 and a box of 12 is £36.00, and are available from

Orders must be placed by March 28th to be delivered in time for Easter Weekend.

4. Healthy Chocolate Treats!

Normally the words "chocolate" and "Good for you" in the same sentence just fill me with fear.

I get an image of some disgusting chocolate substitute which will taste nothing like the real thing, and just make me want the real thing more!

Infact, when the Oh So chocolate arrived for me to try I was so reluctant that I didn't touch it for a couple of days - instead Bean Daddy started digging in.

Bean Daddy is NO fan of health food, so when he told me how yummy the chocolate was I gave in and tried some....I was honestly VERY pleasantly surprised!
The Oh So Chocolate is really tasty and I couldn't believe it was actually good for me!?

So I popped on to their website to have a read up on it - I was amazed to learn that the bars are only 72 calories each!
It is gluten, wheat and cholesterol free and contains no added dairy.

It contains plenty of "good for you" bacteria and has been shown to be around 3 x more effective at delivering this bacteria to your immune system than the many dairy drinks available on the market!

Oh So Chocolate is available to buy on a weekly subscription or on As You Like basis from, prices start at £3.99 for a pack of 7, and are available in the standard flavour or the very taste Orange flavour!

5. Proper Old Fashioned Sweeties - Every Month By Post!!!

I LOVE the idea of monthly subscription boxes, I enjoy the beauty boxes a great deal even though their contents sometimes annoy me...

So when I heard about The Sweet Club I was very intrigued!
They offer a subscription service (you can choose either fortnightly or monthly boxes), and basically - you get sweets delivered to your door!

You can fill in a kind of profile on their website, telling them what kind of sweets you do and don't like.

And you can choose to either have a surprise selection sent to you, or you can select exactly which sweets you would like to receive!

You can select 8 different sweets and the choices range from bags of traditional Sweet Shop sweets, to bars of chocolate such as Rolo etc. There are also bubble gums, boiled sweets, fudge and many many more varieties of yummy goodies ... even sugar free candies!

What I thought was particularly great was that they even have a selection of American sweets available! 

Everything from Kool Aid, to Nerds to Hersheys Bars and Reeses Cups!

I am a sucker for American candy and I usually pay WAY over the odds for it at a local specialist shop, so this is just amazing to me!!!

I decided to put together a box for my nieces as part of their Easter Gifts - I was really pleased to find that most of the selections you make actually give you TWO of the chosen sweet!

For example, I chose Jelly Tots and Kinder Eggs - and the box includes two of each of those, so they can easily share the box and there'll be no arguing!!

Whats even better is that The Sweet Club offer Free Delivery as standard on their fab boxes, and they cost just £9.95 per month! (The introductory box is £7.95!)

The box itself comes beautifully laid out, in red tissue paper with silver glittery sparkles - I can't wait to give this to my nieces as I know they'll love it!
I will also be signing them up to receive monthly boxes as part of their Easter gift, and I'm thinking I'll sign myself up while I'm there for some monthly American candy goodies! :)

To try an introductory box for just £7.95, go to

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