Sunday, 3 March 2013

Pregnancy & Baby Record Books....

I was originally planning on doing a big whiny pregnancy-related post tonight, but I don't really have the energy (so you can look forward to that another day!)

Instead, I thought I would share with you one of my favourite Pregnancy Pastimes....

I have always LOVED record books and diaries. 

I LOVE filling in books, memes, one of the very first things I bought when I found out about Bean was rush out to buy a Baby Record book!

I have now ended up with a grand total of THREE Baby Record books (one not pictured, as its part of a Humphreys Corner gift set which I don't want to open until the baby is born!) and a Pregnancy Journal!

I knew straight away that I wanted the "Guess How Much I Love You" baby record book - I had seen it years ago while browsing the baby books when my sister was having her first baby, and I just fell in love with it - so I ordered it for myself from Amazon.

I think it is just the cutest baby book ever! I LOVE the illustrations and the little phrases throughout....

My second baby book is the Scrapbook one from Mamas & Papas.

This one has two sections - a scrapbook which is a mini baby record book to be filled in, and a separate folder which holds a collection of little postcards...

The postcards are all designed to cover major milestones in the pregnancy and babys first year - there are some that have little envelopes on the back for you to put in the hospital bracelet, scan photos, first lock of hair, etc...

This is Beans 20 week scan picture....

I love the pages for Family Tree....

And luckily for us - there is LOTS of room on the name page, as we have gone through 20 favourite names so far!!!!

(One of the names on this list will be the one we use, but we're not making a definite decision until he's born -  you might want to have a think about which one we'll end up going with, as I'm planning on running a giveaway to celebrate babies arrival - and the person who guesses his name correctly first will be the winner!!!)

As well as my baby record books, I have also been keeping a pregnancy journal....

This was a Christmas gift from my mum and I have LOVED filling it in!

There is a section for each trimester, and you fill it in weekly to keep a record of things like cravings and feelings...

There are also sections at the start of each trimester for storing things, which I have used for storing my baby shower cards and scan photos....

The end of each trimester also has a section for gluing in your scan photos....

And there are sections at the end for recording the labour and birth (eeeek!) and a little section to record details about The New Arrival!

How exciting! :)

I hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse at my baby record books and pregnancy journal.... :)

Do you keep a pregnancy journal? Have you started your baby record book yet?
As always, I'd love to hear from you! :) 



  1. I had a pregnancy journal and a baby journal for Riley and I'm doing it again for this baby, I think it's lovely for them to read when they're older and also for us Mummys to look back on because at the time you think you'll never forget details about your pregnancy etc. but my first pregnancy was only 3 years ago and it's amazing how quickly you forget things. Can't believe how many names you like, we really struggled to think of 4 when we had Riley and we only really liked 2 this time, love your giveaway idea though :) xx

    1. It is lovely for them to look back on! :)
      Ooh I'm awful for names! I've been obsessed with names since I was little for some reason, I love name meanings and stuff lol - My girls name list was even longer!!!
      I love unusual names :)


  2. Such great keepsakes!

    Are you going to buy Bean the storybook of 'Guess How Much I Love You?' I got it for Stace when she was little and she likes to read it to bump now! Hehe.

    Louise xxx

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. Yeah definitely! We were thinking of having a Guess How Much I Love You themed nursery - either that, or Peter Rabbit :)


  3. I had a baby record book for Abigail but didn't finish filling it all out (shes nearly 4!!!)
    I love your Pregnancy Journal, I have to get one and keep a diary of things written down, where's it from?xxx

    1. Aww hehe!
      My mum bought it for me but I think it was from Mamas and Papas!

  4. I love this post alot... everything about it is so lovely xx

  5. Loved this! I had a pregnancy journal too, I loved filling it in and I put pictures of me at each bump to remember how big my bump was. So glad I did as it's all forgotten now! I have my lovely baby journal to fill in now xx

    1. Awww how lovely!! They must be really nice to look back on and interesting for the child when its older too :)



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