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The FINAL Dressing The Bump...and BabyBlooms Giveaway Winner!!

 Well for my FINAL installment of Dressing The Bump (eeek!) I thought I would focus on how I will actually BE dressing the bump once he has become "The Baby"!!

I didn't have any more Maternity fashion to share as obviously, I won't be needing it for long after the instead I thought I would do a post on the outfits I am taking with me in Bean's Hospital Bag, and on the last bits of Prep we've been doing ready for his imminent arrival!

First up - I wanted to show you the outfit I have chosen for him to come home from the hospital in.

This little suit was a gift from my Mum about halfway through the pregnancy, and I instantly loved it and knew it was what I wanted him to wear to come home from the hospital.

Its so soft and comfortable, I love anything with elephants on and I loved the stitching detail on the collar.

The suit is from Junior J @ Debenhams and is still available for £14.00 which I think is SUCH a bargain!

Next up, is this lovely little outfit.....

This was another gift from my Mum (I swear I do buy some things myself!) and I wanted to take this with me for Bean to wear when the Bounty Photographer comes around to take his photos!

I thought the "Born In 2013" design would make it perfect for keepsake newborn photos!

This suit is from Next and is priced at just £7.00!

Bean will also be needing a little coat, particularly given the weather at the moment, so I am taking this lovely little knitted coat with us to the hospital (as well as a nice warm blanket!) - I love the hood with ears on this coat, there's nothing cuter than a baby dressed up as an animal in my opinion!!!

This coat was from Mothercare and cost £16.00.

Of course, Bean will also be needing some more everyday outfits for our stay in hospital - I have no idea how big he will be, so I'm taking 6 outfits with me - 3 in size 0-3 months incase he's on the bigger side, and 3 in size Newborn.

These are two of the Newborn outfits I'm taking.

They are just simple little sleepsuits but they are nice and comfortable, and I love that I was able to find scratch mitts and hats that match them perfectly!!

The sleepsuits were from a 3 pack from Mamas & Papas, the Scratch mitts were also Mamas & Papas and the hats were from Next.

I stayed up last night sorting through the boxes of clothes I have accumulated for Bean over the past 9 months, and managed to get everything sorted in sizes - put away in his drawers and hung up.

I love how blue this corner of the bedroom is!!! <3

All of his outfits are hanging ready for wear, these are just his "Newborn" and "Up to 1 month" sized outfits.

I have boxed up everything he has in 0-3 months, and will swap them over if he needs them as obviously I don't know how big he will be!
I have also boxed up all of his 3-6 months, 6-9 months and 9-12 months things.

These are his drawers, all sorted out and ready - I love the blue dotty tissue paper lining!

In his top drawer are his Newborn vests and sleepsuits (Everything in bigger sizes is boxed up)

In his second drawer are his bibs, socks, scratch mitts and hats.

In his third drawer are his towels and wash mitts, dummies, bath thermometer and blankets.

And in his last drawer are his nappy changing things, packets of wipes, nappies, creams, etc.

On top of the drawers are his shoes and booties, along with his Cow & Gate cow and Aptamil Bear!

As well as arranging his things, this week saw the arrival of his Moses Basket and his Pram!

They were both gifts from my Mum & Dad, and I absolutely love them!!

His Moses Basket is white frills edged with baby blue, the cover has a little elephant toy attached and the words "Once Upon A Time" written on....I love the ribbon detail on the cover and the hood too!

His pram is by Eichhorn, and I think its just stunning!!!

It is a wicker basket with a blue ribbon threaded through.

The basket is white and the lining is powder blue with dotted detailing.

I absolutely love the little touches like the scalloped parasol and the changing bag with the matching ribbon!

Once Bean has outgrown the basket, there is a separate "buggy" seat attachment and new hood to replace the basket with.

This pram was bought from The Liverpool Pram Company.

BabyBlooms Competition Winner!

And now the time has come to announce the winner of my BabyBlooms competition....

Winning themselves this beautiful Natural Posy from is...

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 Congratulations Emma K!!!!!



  1. I love your pram! And the little coming home outfit. I'm a sucker for baby dungarees. My son has loads!

  2. I love all of this stuff Hun, just so cute and the pram looks even more stunning than it did when I first saw it xx

  3. so sweet. I love all the clothes and the pram is amazing.

  4. Ahh hunni so beautiful!!

    Congrats Emma K!!! xxx

  5. This is so gorgeous! I love the born in 2013 baby grow, it's adorable, would have loved one for Tyler. Your pram is lovely, those ones with the big bouncy wheels are the best :)

    Enjoy him when he makes his arrival, the time goes by too quickly!

    Fiona @


  6. You're so organised! I have washed and ironed bumps sleepsuits and bibs for hospital and also a couple of outfits (one for the bounty photographer and one for coming home in). I need to get a little blue coat now!

    We went for my placenta location on Thursday and the hospital have all new equipment. It was amazing. Apparently they've only had it a few weeks but we saw bump so much clearer and we heard him too. I was close to tears lol. Apparently he weighs 4lb 10oz at the mo which is slightly under the average for 34 weeks but nothing at all to worry about.

    How exciting is it when you get this close? I had totally forgotten!

    Good luck with everything, you only have a few days of freedom left hehe.

    Louise xxx

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. I don't feel it! lol. This was all done this week, felt very last minute! lol...least its done now though!

      Oooh what did they say about your placenta location?
      Awww 4 lbs 10oz, blesss!!!


    2. It's moved so I've been discharged from the hospital (yay). They also said that he should gain half a pound a week between now and his birth so as long as he's on time he should be about 1lb lighter than his big sister was haha xx

    3. Aww thats good news! :) Aww brill! What did Stacey weigh?


  7. Aww i love all the little blue baby items. His drawers are adorable and the blue tissue paper inside the drawers is a great touch! Not long now!!!! :-)

    Bump to Baby

  8. Such an unusual pram! Lovely xxx

  9. That pram is amazing! I have a similar set of drawers for my little one's clothes :) xx

  10. I love the pram its so lovely, bean will be so cosy in there!! All his little shoes & outfits are lovely xx

  11. I loved this post, it takes me back thinking about all the prep needed for the hospital bag! You seem very organised and have it all under control. :o) I have read further down and see you are booked in for this Tuesday - eek! Good luck and looking forward to seeing some lovely photos of your son! xx


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