Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Baby Watch: Week 3

Dear Tyne,

Today you turned 3 weeks old!

Those 3 weeks have absolutely FLOWN by!

Poorly Mummy

I've come down with yet ANOTHER mystery illness this week (seriously, Its ridiculous how many things I have had wrong with me since the birth! First a stinking cold, then a gallbladder attack, then a kidney infection and now what seems to be a throat infection! AAAARGH! Poor Mummy!) so I'm not feeling too hot and I'm trying not to pass on my germs to you so Nanny has been helping a lot by giving you feeds etc while Daddy is at work.

Christening Plans

I've been trying on outfits for yourchristening which is in about 12 days time - eeek! Nothing looks nice on me. Bit of a silly idea to plan a Christening so soon after giving birth as I hadn't bargained for how hard it would be to fit into any nice dresses and look halfway decent!!
I think Daddy & I will have to go into town tomorrow and see what we can hunt down....

But we have at least chosen the venue for the party afterwards, a lovely local community centre which is just the right size and has a gorgeous wooden high beam ceiling!

So I've decided to do a Vintage Tea Party theme! I'm very excited as Nanny & I have been coming up with lots of nice ideas for what we can do to make it a nice day!

We also met the Vicar who will be Christening you this week and he was lovely!

Midwife Visits & Hernia

Today the midwife came to see us and, since your chord has now fallen off, she's discharged us and handed us over to the Health Visitor - who we also met today and is very nice.

The midwife did mention that it seems that you have an umbilical hernia - she said that they won't do anything about it until you are around 2 years old and that most cases resolve themselves anyway, I hope it does as from Googling it I've found out that sometimes Doctors recommend surgery to correct them when the child is a toddler...eeek! :/

Eating & Sleeping

This week you has been much more awake during the day - you love looking all around, especially out of the window. You also love being sung to - your favourite songs that I sing to you seem to be "All my Loving" (So you're a little Beatles fan! YAY!) and "Wind My Bobbin Up" - you always go quiet and stare at me when I sing those songs!

Tyne & Daddy

You have also been sleeping a little better of a night now - you tend to wake up every 2 hours for a feed. This is much better than previously as you weren't sleeping in your moses basket at ALL of a night! So two hour slots are much better than nothing!

For the last few nights you have gone down at around 1 am, and woken at around 3am, 5am and then at 7am - so not too bad really!

Things You've Done This Week

This week you had another bath - every time you have had a bath so far you have absolutely screamed the house down!

I usually have the bath temperature quite low as I'm worried about over heating you - but this week, we gave  you a bath that was as warm as its allowed to be for a baby - and you LOVED it!!!

You didn't cry at all, you splashed around a bit and then fell asleep in the water!! So you definitely take after Mummy as I like my baths nice and hot!!

You have also been making us laugh a lot with the funny faces you pull and the funny noises you make.

You make snorting sounds a lot when you cry, so I call you Piglet.

You also pull this face a lot:


We call it your "Blue Steel" post as you look just like Zoolander when you do it!

That's all of our news for this week!

Lots Of Love,

Mummy xxx

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