Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Baby Watch: Week 5

Dear Tyne,

Today you turned 5 weeks old. It makes me sad that you're already over a month old!
But luckily for me you still seem very much like a newborn! When people in shopping centres stop us to have a look at you, they always think that you must only be a few days old.

 You are still so tiny that you haven't yet outgrown any of your Tiny Baby clothes! And your Newborn clothes are all still too big for you!

Your Christening:

With Mummy & Daddy

 Sunday 28th April was your Christening Day. 
We had you christened at St Marys Church in Hale Village - you were christened along with another baby, Ruby, who was a bit older than you - probably about 10 months old.
Ruby cried when the Vicar poured water on her head, but you didn't murmur at all - you slept soundly throughout the whole service!

With the vicar

With your Godparents: L-R: Uncle Peter,Aunty Laura, Uncle Gary, Uncle Mike & Aunty Sarah

After the service, we all went to the local hall which we had hired out for the day - all of the family and our friends were gathered there - we had about 45 adults and 17 children there, so it was very busy!

Aunty Laura & Lottie at the Candy Cart

We had some background music and everybody sat around and chatted. There was a hot and cold buffet, a candy cart for the children and I made blue candy floss for them (Although there was a minor glitch when the candy floss machine decided to stop working!).

Your Christening Cake

I didn't really see you all day as you were passed around everybody for cuddles!

You looked so lovely in your christening outfit, I'm gutted that you only get to wear it once! I think we'll get some professional pics taken of you wearing it as you look so gorgeous in it!

You were very very spoiled with lots of beautiful presents, and lots of money and giftcards.

Lots Of Lovely Presents

Your gorgeous little Christening socks!

Your Christening Outfit - £90.00 by Sarah Louise

People You Met This Week:

This week you met some new people who had traveled a long way to come and see you for your Christening.

With Aunty Dot (Far right) and Uncle Joey, Aunty Emma and Olivia

You met your Great Aunty Dot, my Aunty who lives in Spain.

With Aunty Sarah & Uncle Colin
You also met your Godmother Sarah & her fiance Colin, Sarah is my friend who traveled all the way from Devon for your Christening.

With Uncle Mike and Scarlett

And you met your Godfather Mike and his wife Lucy, along with their two children Jessica and Scarlett - Mike is Daddy's friend and they traveled all the way from Newcastle for your Christening.

Eating & Sleeping:

You have settled a bit with your Eating & Sleeping routine now, though there is still a way to go yet!
You generally take between 3-4 ounces at most feeds, although sometimes you will be fussy. 

You tend to sleep soundly after your 1.30/2am feed and then wake again for a feed at around 5.30 am - you then sleep on and off (griping in between for your Dummy) until about 7am. Then we let you lay on our bed with us and you sleep until about 9.30 am.

Your Life at 5 Weeks:

You are much more alert now, especially in the early evening time - from around 6pm until around 10pm you have your wide awake time. 
During this time you usually sit with us on one of our knees and we talk to you - you love watching us, and we can see that you're really starting to try to gurgle back to us.
We've had one or two real smiles from you now, which are really lovely! They always happen when we're talking to you.

You have also been playing with your baby gym - you don't interact with the toys yet, but you enjoy laying under it and looking at the colours.

You also love the light and the sky - you really enjoy being sat by a window so you that you can stare outside and look all around. You're very inquisitive!

This week your cousins Amelie & Lottie stayed for the weekend of your Christening, and Amelie gave you a bath - you were very good and seemed to really enjoy her approach of washing you with cotton wool balls! I think I will have to take Amelie's approach in future!

Amelie bathing you

That's all of our news for this week.

Lots Of Love,


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