Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bump Watch: Week 40!! / Baby Watch!

Bump Watch: Week 40  Baby Watch!

Now that I am no longer pregnant, my weekly Bump Watch updates will obviously cease....but instead, I will be replacing them with Baby Watch updates!

These updates will feature lots of pictures of our little man, as well as updates on what he's been up to during that week!

So let's get started on our first Baby Watch!

I can barely believe that today Tyne turns 2 weeks old!
TWO WEEKS already?!!! The time really has flown by too quickly! It feels like he should still only be about 4 days old.

I hate the idea of him getting older as I love the newborn stage and want him to stay little and tiny, but at the same time I am also excited to see him grow and watch him develop. I am already noticing little achievements he's made - he is really starting to hold his head up a lot and look around more, and is managing to stay awake for longer periods of time (mostly at night time when Mummy would like to be sleeping!).

When Tyne came home from the hospital on 28th March, he was greeted by his Aunty Laura and his cousins Amelie and Lottie who were staying with us for a few days especially for the occasion.

Tyne's Homecoming

Amelie absolutely adored her baby cousin, and was a big help with looking after him in the first few days - she was very good at giving cuddles. 

Amelie with Tyne

We had a nice family Easter (although Mummy unfortunately was struck down with a gallbladder attack on Easter Sunday and spent the day in bed!) - Tyne was very very spoiled with lovely Easter gifts! 

We had our first trip out on 30th March, Tyne & I went to the local village pub for lunch with Aunty Laura and Amelie & Lottie - Tyne slept through the whole thing though, so I don't think he had any idea that he'd actually been anywhere!

Over the past two weeks we have learned that Tyne is definitely a real "cuddle monster" as we like to call it - he just LOVES being held and cuddled in. We're trying not to spoil him, but its very hard to resist his little face when he looks sad and you just know he wants a cuddle. So I'll admit - at the moment, we're not trying very hard with the resisting! We're tending to just give in, hehe.

We have also discovered that Tyne is a massive fan of Baby TV - he loves to lay on his Nanny's sofabed and just watch whats going on the TV. Baby TV is on all night long, and is specially designed for young babies to help them with focusing their eyes etc - he loves the lullaby music that accompanies the images, and we've also found that he's a big fan of music in general - I played him a few songs from my Ipod library this week and he instantly stops crying when he hears a song and just listens intently! His Daddy & I are both big music geeks so we're very happy to see that he shares our love of music!

Watching Baby TV

Dear Tyne....

I can't believe you are already two weeks old! You don't look any bigger at all to me, infact the midwife says that you are down to just 6lbs 9oz so you have lost weight since being born....but I am definitely noticing some changes in you. Your hair has become much blonder since you were born and you are getting more and more alert.

Things You Have Loved This Week:

Baby TV
Your new East Coast Rock n Play Chair (Review coming soon!)

Things You Have Hated This Week:

Getting bathed
Getting changed (You hate being undressed!)
Your blood tests to check your thyroid function

Important Things You've Done This Week:

Had your first trip out
Had your first Easter!

How You're Sleeping This Week:

You have your days & nights a bit mixed up, so you're sleeping all day but not for more than an hour or two of a night.

How You're Eating This Week:

You are taking about 60 mls of formula every 2 hours or so. You are only teeny so they tell me that this is normal for a baby your size. You do seem to be hungry a lot though, so I hope we're giving you what you need!

I can't wait to see how much you've grown by next week, my gorgeous boy.

Lots Of Love,

Mummy xxx

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