Saturday, 20 April 2013

Dressing The Baby

Its time for this weeks Dressing The Baby post!

Every week I feature my favourite outfit that Tyne has worn that week....this week my chosen outfit is this gorgeous little romper suit from Next.

I love seeing Tyne in soft colours at the moment - especially baby blue!

I know a lot of Mummies go for bright colours but I really don't like colourful outfits on Tyne at the moment as I think he's just too little for them yet and there's plenty of time for more colourful outfits when he's a bit older.

I like babies to look like babies, and to me that means soft colours and lots of baby blue! 

I love the design on this little suit - its illustrated with a picture of an elephant and the words "My New Best Friend" - I also love that the poppers go down the side of the suit instead of down the middle.

I also love the little elbow patches - I think little touches like this really add to the cuteness and overall style of the outfit!

The suit also features built-in scratch mitts which are a MUST for Tyne at the moment, as he's always clawing away at himself and his hands are too small to keep scratch mitts on unless they're attached to his suits!

Tyne LOVES his dummies, and he has already decided that the MAM ones are his favourite - luckily we bought these baby blue ones so they match his array of baby blue outfits perfectly!

This suit is available from Next and was a bargain for just £7.00!!

I hope you liked Tyne's little outfit as much as I do! Don't forget to join me next week for another Dressing The Baby post!

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