Saturday, 27 April 2013

Dressing The Baby

Its time for this weeks Dressing The Baby post!

Every week I feature my favourite outfit that Tyne has worn that week....this week my chosen outfit is this lovely 3 piece set from TK Maxx!

Again, the main colour is baby blue - my favourite colour to see Tyney in!
The outfit consists of a pair of brushed cotton dungarees, a cream long-sleeved top and a baby blue hat. There's something just so adorable about baby hats isn't there?! I'm going to be keeping this one in his memory box, there's just nothing sweeter!

There is a cute design on the tummy area featuring beige and brown colours - a teddy bear, a little house, trees, etc.
 I tend to stay away from outfits with massive cartoon drawings on or very obvious emblems as they're not really my style - but this is quite understated and cutesy, so its fine with me!

I love the little blue hat that came with the suit!

Tyne has decided all by himself that he will only use MAM dummies - so we have a little stash of baby blue ones to match all his outfits! Of course, this I <3 Mummy one is his favourite! ;)

So that's what my gorgeous boy has been wearing!

Don't forget to join us next week for another Dressing The Baby post!

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