Thursday, 25 April 2013 review - Why Pay More?!

I was recently asked to review a brand new website on the block called Flubit.

I had never heard of this website but from reading the blurb I was sent, I kind of assumed it was going to be just another price comparison website - I was happy to give it a go and review it, but didn't expect much from it as there are already a lot of price comparison sites around.

However, once I visited the Flubit website - I immediately realised that actually this was something quite different.

The website layout itself looks like no other that I have seen - there's no fussing around, as soon as you get to the homepage you are ready to go!
The idea is that - whenever you are purchasing a product online - you visit Flubit beforehand, and find out how much they can offer you the same product for.

They will find you a lower price - and you are under no obligation to buy!

It is so simple to use - you just copy the URL of the product you want to purchase from whichever website you were using, and enter it onto the box provided on the Flubit homepage.

You are then a few simple questions - such as how many of the item you want to buy (one is fine!), and what the occasion is if any - you then enter your details, and leave your Demand with them!

After a while (In my experience, 24 hours) you are sent an offer through via e-mail.

You can either ignore it if you don't want to make the purchase, or you can go to the Flubit website and make the purchase.

I tested the site by creating demands for 2 different products:

A Peter Rabbit cot mobile - Amazon's Price: £29.99 - Flubit's Offer: £25.00
Snuza Go Baby Breathing Monitor - Amazon's Price: £60.00 - Flubits Offer: £47.00

I decided to purchase the Snuza Go Baby Breathing Monitor - The order process was very straightforward, and I chose to pay via Paypal.

After a week or so, I realised that the product hadn't arrived so I went back to the Flubit website and sent an email to chase the delivery.

I received a response informing me of the Royal Mail Tracking Number - upon tracking it appeared that the parcel had been delivered and signed for - in Exeter!!

We used to live in Exeter but we now live in Liverpool, so I was very confused how this had happened as I specifically remembered entering my address on the Flubit website.

I emailed Flubit again to inform them of the mistake and asked them how this problem would be resolved.

Within 2 hours of sending the email, I received a phonecall from a member of the Flubit team personally apologising for the mistake and explaining what had happened -  unfortunately it seemed that because my billing address for my Paypal account was still my old address in Exeter, there had been some confusion and this had been mistaken for the delivery address.

The man had already arranged for a new monitor to be sent via courier - this arrived with me the following morning.

Although the confusion with the delivery address was a minor irritation and the ensuing delay with delivery was a bit of a pain - I have to say, I was VERY impressed by how quickly and efficiently the problem was resolved.

After all - mistakes will always happen every now and then, they are unavoidable - what is more important to me is how they are dealt with when they happen, and I absolutely cannot complain about the customer service at all.

Overall, I was very impressed with my experience of using Flubit and I will certainly use it in the future when purchasing items online.

Have you ever tried Do you think its a website that you would find useful?

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