Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday Fives: Happy One Month Birthday Tyne! - Five Favourite Pics So Far!

For today's Friday Fives post I am doing something a little different in celebration of Tyney Tot's ONE MONTH BIRTHDAY!!!!

So today's post is a letter to Tyne on his One Month Birthday and my Top 5 Photos of Tyney Tot so far!

Top Five Photos Of Tyney Tot so far!

1. Brand New!

This photo was taken when you were about an hour old and I love it because it shows how absolutely tiny you were (And still are!) 

2. First Bath!

This photo was taken after your first bath at home - you were very alert and looked quite suspicious of the whole thing! You didn't like being in the water much but you did like cuddles in your towel afterwards!
I love this photo because its the first one we took of you when you looked very awake!

3. I Get All The Girls!

This photo was taken on Easter Monday just before bedtime and Nanny, Aunty Laura and your cousins Amelie and Lottie were all fussing over you, I love it because I found it hilarious to see all of the girls doting on you - you love all the attention!

4.First Easter!

This photo was taken on Easter Monday, and I love it because its the first photo of you experiencing a holiday.
I love special occasions and will really enjoy all of the "Babys Firsts" will be Babys First Halloween next! :)

5. Smiles With Daddy

This photo was taken about 2 weeks ago, when you were cuddling on the bed with Daddy one morning. I took it just as you smiled! I love it because its the first picture we have of you smiling!

Dear Tyne,

I cannot BELIEVE you are already a whole month old!!

That time has gone SO fast - I feel like you are still only a few days old...and you look like you still are!

You are still wearing your Tiny Baby clothes - some of your New Born sleepsuits and vests are wearable now, but none of your Newborn outfits fit yet - they are all miles too big!!

You are also still wearing Micro nappies - you are soooo teeny weeny!!

You have been eating a lot more now,you suddenly jumped from barely taking 2 oz to taking at LEAST 3 oz every time and sometimes even 4 oz!

Unfortunately you're still not a fan of sleeping at night time - you do love to sleep all day long though, especially on your Bambeano Bean Bag! You don't much like sleeping in your pram or your moses basket.

We got what looked like a few real smiles from you last week, I think I got the first one! Yay! 

You also got a new toy this week - a baby gym! You've only used it once so far but you seemed to enjoy it! You're not reaching for things yet as you're far too little but you did enjoy staring at it! You also love staring at all of your Baby Boy balloons - which are still all over the living room! hehe!

We are all looking forward to your christening this weekend - it should be lots of fun, and will also be very exciting as Aunty Laura and your cousins Amelie & Lottie are coming back for the event - you haven't seen them for about 3 weeks so I am wondering if they will think that you have grown!

You will also be meeting some people for the first time this weekend - your godmother Aunty Sarah and her partner Uncle Colin are coming all the way from Devon for your Christening and are looking forward to meeting you. 
Also your Daddys best friend/your Godfather Uncle Mike and his wife are coming from Newcastle for the Christening so it will be your first time meeting them too.

You will also be meeting your Great Aunty Dot for the first time tonight, as she is home for a visit from Spain! So lots of new people for you to meet this weekend!  How exciting!

That's all our news for this week - Happy One Month Birthday Beautiful Baby Boy!!

Lots of Love,

Mummy xxx

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