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Friday Fives: Top 5 Products For Facing A C-Section!

For me, having a c-section was an informed decision that I made and was happy with - but I know that for a LOT of women, a c-section is performed when the decision is made by Drs that it is the safest option...and this can be very stressful for a mother who did not want to have a c-section birth and doesn't feel mentally prepared for it.

I was lucky enough to be sent quite a few different products to review that were aimed at women having c-sections, and so I thought I would share with you a handful of the ones that I feel would be most beneficial for any woman facing a c-section.

1. Preparing For A C Section Hypno CD

Maggie Howell - a British Hypnotherapist and mother to 5 sons - has created the Natal Hypnotherapy range of CDs. 

The range of CDs covers all kinds of birthing options, from hospital birth, home birth, even VBAC births! 

The aim of the cds is to enhance your pregnancy and birth experience, by using your natural skills and inner resources. Maggie uses a combination of self hypnosis techniques, deep relaxation and guided visualization to help you overcome fears, create a state of calm and relaxation, and increase bonding with your baby. 

I was sent the "Preparing for a C-section" cd and I found it hugely helpful in getting me to a state of relative calm in the run up to the procedure. I also found using the CD to be really helpful in creating a feeling of bonding with the baby.

The guided meditation CD lasts for around 30 minutes, so its really easy to squeeze it into a busy day and definitely very worthwhile if - like me - you find yourself fearful of giving birth.

The Natal Hypnotherapy cd range is available from Maggie's website for £11.99 or alternatively for download for just £7.99

2. Caesarean Belt
Originally developed by a young mum to help guard her c-section scar, the caesarean belt is a multi functional belt which you could be forgiven for initially mistaking for a bum bag!

It clips on in much the same fashion as a bum bag and can be adjusted to fit snugly - it has 4 additional components including a shield made of feather light plastic to protect your scar, a polyester pillow to provide comfort ... particularly when breast feeding, a gel pad for cooling and a cherry stone pillow which can be heated to provide effective pain relief. 

I have found this to be such a clever design as one product can be used for four different kinds of protection and relief - I particularly enjoyed the heated cherry stone pillow which I found to be very soothing both on my scar and for the cramping pains I experienced in the week following the procedure.

The caesarean belt is available from for just £19.90

3. Snugglebundl

I have mentioned the Snugglebundl before, but I wanted to include it again as it really is invaluable following a c-section.

One of the main problems I experienced following my surgery was in the hospital, after 8pm Dads are sent home and you are left to care for your baby alone - this is made rather difficult after a spinal block when you are unable to get out of bed, and the hospital cots are too high and do not have cutaway sides - meaning its quite an effort to be able to reach up and into the cot to safely pick up your baby when he needs feeding, changing or just wants some attention!

Having the Snugglebundl to hand meant that it could be used in the cot as a blanket, and I could then very easily lift the baby in and out of the cot without having to strain myself or attempt to move too much before the spinal block had worn off.

In addition to this, I have found the Snugglebundl extremely useful at home for lifting Tyne in and out of his moses basket and pram, etc without having to bend over - even though Tyne is really small and very light, my body is still not used to constantly lifting an almost 7 lb weight so it is definitely beneficial to have this lifting aid to hand!

For more information, check out 

4. Wink Shapewear

Getting back into shape after any kind of birth is always going to be a challenge, but obviously having a c-section presents its own challenges as you are unable to get yourself straight to the gym after the procedure and you are left with a bit of an unsightly overhang on your tummy above your incision - something I am definitely not a fan of!!!

So when I was asked to try Wink shapewears Ultimate Belly Blaster I jumped at the chance!

Wink Shapewear offer a wide range of post-pregnancy and surgery compression garments, ranging from c section panties (lighter compression for use immediately after a c section) to full calf length compression body suits.

I opted for the Ultimate Belly Blaster as it seemed to cover all the problem areas I was worried about including tummy, back, and bum. I wasn't keen on the idea of covering my legs as I already own a pair of Trinny & Susannah shapewear pants which cover my thighs and I find they can be a bit of an issue when it comes to wearing dresses and skirts!

The Ultimate Belly Blaster is made up of TWO layers of medical compression material designed to give support and compression for the first 8 weeks post partum/post abdominal surgery.

I certainly feel much more confident when wearing the Belly Blaster, and I'm hoping it will assist me in getting my body back to where it was and in regaining my body confidence!

The Ultimate Belly Blaster is available from and they are currently offering a fantastic 20% off for Sparkles & Stretchmarks readers when you enter the code BLOGUK at the checkout!

The Ultimate Belly Blaster is $129.99 (approx £84.00).

I will be featruing a more detailed review of the Ultimate Belly Blaster complete with Before & After photos in the coming weeks!

5. Posture Plast

Posture Plast are a self- adhesive support for the lower back designed to improve posture and relieve pain.

They are suitable for pregnant women and ideal for post partum use as they encourage your body to bend correctly and avoid any additional strain to the back.

PosturePlast has been clinically designed to only allow the spine to move as it was intended and not how the modern world dictates. Importantly, PosturePlast retrains your back to move correctly, even after you have removed it.

PosturePlast are available from Boots stores nationwide, alternatively please visit the website to locate your nearest stockist:

Have you tried any of these products? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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