Monday, 8 April 2013

Guest Post: Biore Unclogging Scrub Review!

When I am choosing a face scrub I try to use a different one each time. The reason I might chose one over another is mainly based on what is on offer at the time - because my funds are limited. I grew accustomed to an apricot scrub for a while but once it stopped being sold I had to get back out there and look for another decent product; one that does what it says on the tin!

Why this product?
This time my product of choice was Bioré, a pore unclogging face scrub (pictured, right). This actually wasn't on offer and at £4.99 is a mid-range product. I chose it because a) I was in a rush and it was within eye view, and b) because I felt the brand was well recognised and well respected.

I like to use a face scrub because I don't have good skin and they tend to really strip my face clean. My last scrub, the apricot one, was very grainy and I loved that, so I was hoping this one would be too. After all, if you have a good face scrub you don't really need to use a face mask too often (two birds with one stone!).

How does it feel?
The first time I used Bioré I remember feeling a little disappointed because it wasnt as grainy as I was used to. It does still have a creamy/grainy texture but didn't meet with my high expectations. It did feel good on my face though.

Did it do the job?
It massaged in well and created a good amount of foam and afterwards my skin did look very clear of pore dirt - probably more so than with any previous scrub. It did leave my face a little dry but once I applied my face moisturiser afterwards that was not a problem.

I have finished the tube now and I can safely say using it over time has improved my impression of it. I have come to the conclusion that you don't actually need it to be too grainy to get a good result.

Would I buy it again? 

It is certainly up there in my top three choices of face scrub. So yes, I would definitely spend money on buying this again. It lasts a long time and is very good value for money.

Hayley's Thoughts:

I've never tried any Biore products, but this does sound nice! For the price I'd certainly give it a go :)
My usual face scrub of choice is from the Simple range but I always love to try something new!
This was a guest post written by the lovely Claire who blogs at Claires Castle ... if you enjoyed this post, please go check out her blog!
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