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Guest Post: Road Tripping In The USA

Hi, My name is KiKi and my Guest Post is about my love of Road Trips!

My partner LaLa and I have been on a couple of road trips, and I wanted to share with you the details of the fun we had and how we go about planning our roadtrips...

Four years ago we went to Provincetown for a holiday and that's when we decided we wanted to see more and that our next trip to the USA would be a Road Trip. It makes much more sense than going to one place and using that place as a base to explore cos that gets tiring and there is only so far you can travel to and from other towns in a day.

I remember planning our first one... Thinking back, it was quite a big Road Trip.... Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts. So how did we go about planning it.....

1) Decided what part of the USA we wanted to see. We decided New England.
2) Decided flight destination. We always fly with Virgin Atlantic and so Boston it was.
3) Got the map out of New England and decided on our route by which towns, places etc we wanted to see in each state.
4) Decided on which town to find accommodation.
- just outside Boston as landed early evening (1night)
- Portland, Maine (3 nights)
- Bethlehem, New Hampshire (1 night)
- Jeffersonville, Vermont (2 nights)
- Mashantucket, Connecticut (2nights)
- Oaks Bluff, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts (4 nights)
- Plymouth, Massachusetts (1nignt)
- Boston, Massachusetts (2 nights)
5) Calculated time/distance between each place and worked out how long to stay in each
6) Then we searched for accommodation... we always consult Tripadvisor

Surprisingly, it almost all went to plan... Just one thing we had to change. We planned on visiting the Smuttynose Brewery but when we go there it was closed and wasn't going to open for a few hours and so we decided to go and visit Strawbery Banke instead but that was fun :)
The only thing we would have done differently is probably not bother going to Martha's Vineyard or going there for less time and spending more time in New Hampshire and Vermomt instead.
If you want to read about this Road Trip You can by clicking on the following links :

Our second Road Trip last year, wasn't as complicated to plan as we visited less places - Flew into Newark, NJ, travelled up to Niagara Falls, Ontario and then Toronto . Then we spent 7 nights in the Adirondacks in a small town called Saranac Lake, NY and then NYC. 

Again it was so much fun to plan and then the trip was fantastic. You can read about our trip by clicking on the following links :

Our next Road Trip is coming up.... these are our plans.....





275 miles
4hrs 47 mins
197 miles
4hrs 48 mins
223 miles
5hrs 17 mins
236 miles
410 miles
7hrs 7 minutes

So lots and lots of driving on this next one. We are both really excited about it.

Hayley's Thoughts:

These holidays sound amazing! I would LOVE to plan a road trip across the USA - I am terrified of flying so my ideal trip would be a cruise from Southampton to New York City, a few days sightseeing, followed by either driving or greyhound bus-ing across the states - and cruising back from either California or Florida!
 This would obviously take a LOT of time and money, so I'm sure I won't be getting to do it for a long long time - but a girl can dream! ;)

This is a guest post written by Kirsty from Kiki & Lala In Wonderland - if you enjoyed this post, please go and check out her blog! :)

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