Monday, 1 April 2013

Introducing Baby Sparkle!

I'd like to introduce you all to somebody....

My gorgeous son was born on March 26th by C Section as planned.

Everything went very smoothly! Amazingly so, actually!

I will do a proper birth story soon, but for now let me just share the basic details!

Time Of Birth: 11.56 am

Length: 18 Inches

Daddy & Baby for the first feed!

Name: Tyne William Henry

Weight: 6lbs 14 Oz

Mummy & Tyne having cuddles a few hours after the birth

Tyne ready to go home from the hospital

We were in hospital for 2 days, my recovery has been really smooth - I've been amazed by how little pain I've been in!!

Tyne is SO small, I would never have expected him to be so teeny weeny - so almost all of his newborn clothes are way too big for him!!!

Tyne's cousins are staying at the moment, and they are both smitten with him - especially Amelie!

Tyne after his first bath at home

Welcome to the world Tyne!

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