Monday, 22 April 2013

Mummy Mondays: Not On The High Street Review

I have always been a huge fan of personalised products, ever since I was a child - I loved going into little souvenir shops in seaside resorts and trying to find my name on racks full of personalised hairbrushes, piggy banks, keyrings and other such useless products!

I have outgrown my love of ANY item with my name on, but I haven't outgrown my love of personalised products - I love the idea of owning something unique, created purely for you.

So when I was given the opportunity to review the website Not On The High Street I knew straight away that I would be spending hours browsing their huge selection of personalised products!

The website features thousands of beautiful and unusual products - everything from homeware, to clothes and everything in between.

The website itself is very well designed and easy to use - there are quick links on the homepage such as "Gift Ideas Under £20" and "Gifts For Children Under £50" - there really is a massive selection of products, and so I was SO spoiled for choice that it ended up taking me a whole weekend to browse through all the beautiful and unique products on offer and narrow my choices down.

In the end, I chose these items:

This lovely little personalised hand painted Sail Boat caught my eye straight away - I thought it would be such a cute little feature in Tyne's nursery and has a lovely retro feel about it.
There are various colour options available.

The sail boat cost £10.90 plus £2.75 for delivery.

Anybody who knows me will know that I'm a real movie buff, so when I saw these comedy quote baby gro's I knew I HAD to have one!

There are loads of different quotes to choose from including "He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!" and "The force is strong in this one" (Which I had to argue with Daddy over as he found that one much more appealing!) but in the end, I got my way and opted for the infamous Dirty Dancing quote!

You can also have your own quote put on - as a big Labyrinth fan I'm thinking of ordering a "The Babe With The Power" one soon! :)

The comedy quote baby gro's are just £10.00 plus £1.75 delivery.

I wanted to get a "Hello Daddy" gift for Tyne to give to Jon after his birth, but I was really stuck for ideas so I thought I would use this opportunity to find something suitable.

I knew straight away when I saw this little keyring that it would be perfect as Jon is obsessed with anything that has robots on it! And what Daddy doesn't like a keyring?!

The personalised robot bottle opener keyring is just £5.00 plus £2.75 postage.

And the final item I ordered was another Baby Gro! I just can't resist the cute personalised little clothes on offer on this website!

This "Prince Tyne" baby gro was cute enough on its own, but it also came inside this gorgeous little bag:

I now have the bag attached the side of his moses basket to keep his dummies in! So handy and so cute, such a lovely little touch which would make this an ideal new baby gift!

The personalised Little Prince baby gro's are just £14.00 plus £2.75 delivery.

All of these items were delivered very quickly, and were all well packaged - I really can't recommend Not On The High Street highly enough and I am already putting together a second order as I write this as there are already lots of new products on the site which are absolutely stunning!

To have a browse yourself, go to

What do you think of the items I chose? Have you ever shopped with Not On The High Street?
Let me know!!

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